How To exchange your latex layer

JP (America’s favorite Sleep Specialist) is here to walk you through unpacking your new Sleeping Organic layer, then re-packaging/shipping your exchange layer.


Your new latex layer exchange just arrived!


The return shipping label is in a pocket on the box.

  • Open the box
  • Carefully pull the latex layer(s) out.  
  • Important: Be sure to save this box.



You can cut or tear the hard plastic shell on the layer, but try not to damage the soft plastic underneath, as you will need it to repackage your layer.

Take a break before re-packing your exchange layer!


To repackage your exchange layer, the first step is to line the box with the soft plastic it originally shipped in.

Then, fold your layer exchange in half (length-wise).

If you have two split layers, stack them here.

  • Grab your pre-lined box and place it nearby.
  • Roll the latex layer(s) as tightly as possible.

Simply slide the tightly rolled layer into the box! You can do it!

  • Secure the box with tape
  • Locate your return shipping label.

Cover up the original shipping label with the return shipping label to avoid confusion with Fedex.

You did it!

  • Call Fedex (1-800-GO-FEDEX)
  • Schedule a ground pickup for a time that is convenient for you OR drop off the box at a nearby Fedex store
Fedex store locator