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All Season Wool Comforters

For those living in areas with distinct climates, we’ve designed this double-stack of Cool Comfort weight layers that tie & untie as the weather dictates.

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We’ve Got All Seasons Covered, So You Will Be Too

This wool comforter is designed for people who live in a climate where the temperature changes dramatically between winter and summer.

The All Season is two comforters (in the “Cool Comfort” weight) that tie together. Take one off when the warm weather arrives. Velour ties along the perimeter keep the two comforters together. The All Season will fit inside a duvet cover with ease.

All-season wool comforters are incredibly soft which makes them very cozy! And because they’re meant for all seasons, they’re very lightweight. Each comforter is made by hand using organic cotton Sateen fabric and we fill the inside with Premium Eco-Wool. Hand stitching the comforter’s perimeter and ‘tufting the middle’ helps hold the comforter’s wool in place during use and makes it more easily washable. All wool is sourced from a sustainable wool program on the USA’s West Coast.

If you want better sleep during Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, then this comforter is for you!

Product Specifications

  • Premium Eco-Wool batting
  • Organic cotton fabric cover
  • 2 lightweight comforters (that tie together)
    Dimensions & Wool Weight:

  • Twin 68″ x 86″, 2.3 lbs. single, 4.6 lbs both together
  • Full/Queen 86″ x 86″, 2.9 lbs. single, 5.8 lbs both together
  • King/CAL King 100″ x 86″, 3.3 lbs. single, 6.6 lbs both together

Customer Reviews

Yes! I got a king size All Season comforter from you, and it’s working out GREAT! It’s so warm, we don’t have to have the heat on at all at night to stay cozy, even in January! We’ve had a power outage the past few days, and the only time I’m really warm is in bed.
Duvall, WA

“I can’t even begin to describe how happy I am!!!!! I bought just about everything on your website and I am thrilled. The craftsmanship of the products is phenomenal, as was the customer service. My quality of sleep has been greatly improved. I feel like royalty! I also love how quickly the bed warms up when I crawl in. Within seconds of crawling under the covers, the bed feels warm! I also sleep well knowing that because of my bedding choices I am not polluting myself or the environment with chemicals.”
-Wendy Z.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I love our wool comforters and pillows! My husband is always cold in the winter and wants a pile of blankets on and I get way too warm. We are using them in our home in Nevada City, CA and it was 28 degrees last night and we were both comfortable under our wool comforter! The pillows are also a delight.
Woodland Hills, CA

“We’ve been sleeping with our Holy Lamb comforter for a couple of years and we love love love it. It’s not only incredibly comfy, but probably one of the most ethically sound purchases I’ve ever made as well, and that brings a rare kind of enjoyment that I treasure. My friend slept at our house one night and we put the comforter on her bed; she had one of the best sleeps of her life, and wants to buy one for herself.”
Vancouver, BC, Canada

I just wish that I had purchased the wool comforter years ago!
Bolinas, CA