Closeout Latex Mattresses


Do you want one of our most popular mattress models for about half the cost of a custom build?

  • 7” closeout mattresses (available in firm and extra firm) for 50% off the regular price of a custom model.
  • 10” closeout mattresses (available in medium and firm) for 50% off the regular price of a custom model.

Why do I save 50% compared to a custom model?

Reason #1 – Efficiency: Custom making beds take lots of time. Offering a limited run of mattresses with pre-set firmnesses gives us an opportunity to test the market with a product that is simply more efficient for us to create. All savings are passed directly down to you!

Reason #2 – Fairness: Many folks have no desire to spend their nights and weekends learning about latex so they can confidently build a 100% custom mattress. So if you’re okay with saving time and choosing from a list of our most popular, “tried and true mattress builds”, then we think it’s only fair that you’re rewarded.

Reason #3 – Eco-Friendliness: To eliminate our carbon footprint, all mattresses were built using remaining 2018 inventory. As a result, some may have minor imperfections (mis-stiched or over-sized covers, small tears in latex, or logos printed upside down). No beds will be shipped with a defect that could negatively affect your comfort in any way!

All top layers are solid. Middle and bottom layers may be either solid or split, depending on inventory. If split, each layer will have the same latex type and firmness.

Closeout mattresses are sold as-is. Returns/exchanges are not available.

Lead time for this product is 3-4 weeks in production, plus ship time.

If you’re looking for a 100% personalized latex mattresses, then this page is for you.

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