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Organic Crib Mattress Protector

By far the most important mattress to protect is the one inside your little one’s crib! As you know, babies and toddlers have accidents in the bed, so why not give them a natural crib protector that keeps the crib clean and is non toxic? This organic crib mattress protector is free and clear of dyes, making it a safe alternative to other products that use materials that contain chemicals.

This mattress protector is the perfect accessory to our Sleep Organic crib mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions

All parents want to make the right choice when buying an organic protector for their baby’s mattress.

Below are some of the common questions we hear:

Do I need a crib mattress protector?


Especially if you want to keep your baby’s crib mattress clean so you can pass it along to your next child (or a family friend). Because babies can be messy, having no protection will ultimately destroy the mattress.

Why buy an organic one?

Buying organic ensures your baby will be resting on the safest material available. And beyond keeping your baby healthier as they sleep and play in their crib, it promotes sustainability for your child’s future.

Does Sleeping Organic manufacture this crib protector?

We do not.

We do, however, source these crib protectors from qualified organic suppliers that meet our strict standards.

Why Flannel?

Organic cotton flannel is an warm fabric, which ensures your child will always be resting on a warm surface during the chilly fall months, winter months, or even when air conditioning is on in the summer time.