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Dual-Weight Wool Comforters

Got a partner who runs at your exact opposite temperature no matter what season it is?  We have the perfect solution for you: the Dual-Weight comforter!


Opposites Attract

Separate beds and separate blankets don’t have to be the answer if one runs hot and the other runs cold. Dual-weight means the right coverage for each person. Every night.

Dual-weight offers 3 combinations for you to choose from – so everyone’s happy & able to get a good night’s sleep.

Pick the temperature weight that works for you and a different weight for your sleeping partner.

Choose from 3 Combinations:

Combo One: Extra Warmth and Cool Comfort
Combo Two: Perfect Comfort and Cool Comfort
Combo Three: Perfect Comfort and Extra Warmth

All of our wool comforters are soft, known to be lightweight and very cozy. We hand make each one using organic cotton Sateen fabric. The inside is filled with Premium Eco-Wool sourced from our Sustainable Wool Program using west coast U.S.A. wool. Hand stitching the entire perimeter and tufting the middle keeps the wool in place and enables washing.

Customer Reviews

“Really great product. If everyone had this comforter, the world would be a better place. Thank you.”
Rochester, NY

“We love our new wool comforter. It has made sleeping such a wonderful experience. It keeps us at the perfect temperature.”
Portland, OR

“Very, very happy. We love that the comforter we purchased was hand-made of eco wool and organic cotton by a company that values sustainability and worker’s well-being.”
Check, VA


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