Will An Organic Twin Mattress Improve My Child’s Sleep?

twin organic mattress for kids analysis

We could cite every scientific sleep study in the world and I’m sure you’d agree with that before even reading them… But how much sleep do kids need? And what else about their sleep environment matters? According to the University of Michigan Medical School, children need between 9.5 and 11.5 hours of sleep every night, […]

What are Bamboo Pillows Really Made of?


Bamboo pillows, bamboo sheets… Bamboo has recently taken over the bedding market, but why? In particular, bamboo pillow products seem to be the new rage [thrive_leads id=’10295′]  They’re advertised as a natural luxury-class pillow yielding a miracle sleep, but are these pillows truly a cool, healthy, sustainable, comfortable alternative to conventional pillows? To answer this question, […]