Assembling Your Sleeping Organic Mattress

***Depending which warehouse your mattress ships from, your cover may be rolled up and packaged with your softest layer

Assembly Instructions

Step 1

Unboxing: Your boxes will be labeled with contents. Please refer to included or e-mailed invoice for your layer configuration. The cover will usually be boxed with the bottom layer needed.

Complete setup generally takes about 15-30 min depending on size and configuration.


Step 2

Start with your cover. Sit your latex aside until you are ready for it.


Step 3

Lay your cover out flat.


Step 4

If possible use a foundation as a template for the mattress cover. Put the cover on the foundation like a fitted sheet. Notice how the logo is now inside out. Make sure to get as many wrinkles out of the top as possible. This will make stacking your layers a breeze.

Note: Not all covers will have a logo.


Step 5

Now you will have a flat surface for your layers to be stacked.

Note: If you do not have a foundation and are installing on another surface such as a platform bed you simply have to insert the bottom layer and release any bunching that occurs under the mattress cover. The first layer is the most important. Once you have the first layer inserted, the others will easily go on top. If there is any bunching under the bottom layer there will not be enough material for the other layers. The key is to get a flat bottom panel with no bunching!


Step 6

Start stacking your layers… Be careful to not let the cover bunch when stacking. Try to place the layers, do not slide them in.

Note: Typically the large holes on the latex point up. There is no right or wrong way to insert the latex. If you put smaller holes are present facing them UP may create a slightly firmer mattress!


Step 7

Continue stacking. If you have a split configuration it works the same way just put the halves in as close to each other as possible.

Note: The latex may look too big for the cover or hang over a bit. This is normal. Latex stretches and can be worked inward. You want a snug fit with minimal loose material.


Step 8

You’re almost there!


Step 9

Last layer if you purchased The Tree!


Step 10

Once you have all the layers inserted pull the cover up from the corners while massaging the latex in and forming the mattress. It may not look perfect at first but it will come together. You can always unzip and adjust if needed.


Step 11

The cover may be putting a little pressure on the corners after you are done. This is normal. You are now ready to zip the top panel!


Step 12

You are now ready to enjoy your new Sleeping Organic mattress. There may be some slight bowing. The material in the cover will relax over the next 3-6 months and this will go away. If you have any questions or need help with your assembly please call us at 1-800-625-4042