Shipping & Delivery Time

We are still recovering and dealing with supply chain issues due to Covid-19 in which we experience delays in ship times.  Ship times are typically increased around major holidays.  Below are estimated ship times for products effective 3/1/22.  As always these are subject to change.

Fedex & UPS are also running 2-3 days longer than usual and will not guarantee any ship times or estimated transit times.

Below are estimated ship times, meaning the average time it takes the product to leave our warehouse. Transit time from our warehouse to your home is an additional 3-6 business days. Business days are Monday – Friday. So you can anticipate approx. 2 weeks for delivery from the date you order a mattress, topper, wood foundation or pillow. Other products take longer. Below is the average time it takes to prepare the product to be picked up at our facility from UPS or Fedex .  

Mattresses: 2 – 4 Business Days

Wood Foundations: 2 – 4 Business Days

Adjustable Bases: 7 – 10 Business Days (4 – 6 weeks for In Home Delivery and Setup)

Toppers: 2 – 4 Business Days

Toppers w/ Cover: 2 – 4 Business Days

Pillows: 4 – 7 Business Days

Accessories: 4 – 7 Business Days

Furniture: 8 – 12 weeks

For questions about any other product lead-time please contact us.   We are doing the best to prioritize our support efforts.   Please be patient with any lead time related questions.