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100% Natural Latex Mattress

Our 110+ different mattress configurations mean you’re guaranteed to invest in a bed that will give you the best night sleep of your life. Wondering which latex mattress is right for you and your sleep style?

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  • Completely free of chemicals, from the natural latex down to the zipper.
  • Hand-made in Charleston, SC then shipped free directly to your home.
  • Talalay and dunlop options in stock now, from extra soft to extra firm.
  • Beyond comfort: 100 night sleep trial & 20 year warranty.

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100% Natural Latex

Our latex is hand picked and manufactured on site at the world’s finest plantations.



Organically raised eco-wool. Sourced from USA hand picked farms.


Pure Organic Cotton

100% Soft brushed GOTS certified organic cotton. Take it back to nature.


Mattress Reviews

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Full Zip-Off Cover

Control the firmness of your mattress. Our cover fully unzips allowing access to the internal mattress components. This special design allows you to select each individual layers’ firmness and configure your perfect sleep system.

In all king and queen models you can choose split configurations. This dual comfort option allows couples to customize each side of the mattress to meet each sleepers needs. Everyone is unique and has a specific sleep style. Now you can control your comfort and build a mattress that makes everyone happy.

GOTS Certified Organic Cotton

Soft brushed 100% GOTS certified organic cotton. Our formula is simple, we hand pick the best. Top, bottom, sides and backing are all first quality organic cotton.


100 Night Sleep Trial

Our full zip-off mattress cover allows you to access every layer in your mattress. If you mattress is too soft or too firm you can take advantage of our layer exchange program within the first 100 nights.




Certified 100% Natural Latex

Latex mattresses provide orthopedic support, creating pressure point relief during sleep. Unlike memory foam mattresses, natural latex responds to your body giving you proper spinal alignment.

Natural latex mattresses provide perfect support night after night. Never wake up to aches and pains caused by insufficient support or stiffness and pain created by inadequate mattresses. Organic latex mattresses are touted for their ability to withstand the test of time, providing consistent restful sleep year after year.

  • 100% natural latex elasticity
  • Superior body support based ergonomic principles ensuring total comfort
  • Quiet, no noise from coils
  • Self-ventilating and moisture regulating organic cotton and wool cover
  • Durability
  • Natural latex is anti-fungal & hygienic
  • Certified quality and quality control verified & tested by LGA & ECO- Institute
    • *Latex suppliers may change due to limited supply







Customize your Comfort

Available in all queen and king models you can customize dual comfort to your individual needs. Everybody is unique and has a specific sleep type. Now you can control your comfort and build the perfect mattress for you.





Frequently asked questions

Shipping Expense: Sleeping Organic offers FREE ground or residential shipping in the contiguous United States.

Expedited Shipping: Expedited shipping is available for some items. To request an expedited or overnight shipping quote, please email cs@sleepingorganic.com with your name, shipping address and the product you wish to purchase. Please note that larger packages may have limited shipment service options.

Non-Contiguous/International: Please email cs@sleepingorganic.com with your name, shipping address and the product you wish to purchase. We will provide you with a shipping quote for your area. For international shipments, Sleeping Organic is not responsible for customs, tariffs or taxes incurred; it is the client’s responsibility to research their country’s import protocol.


*Please note Sleeping Organic does NOT use synthetic or blended Talalay.

Mattress Only: Current shipping lead time is 3-4 business days. Current average delivery time is 10 business days.

Mattress + Foundation: Current shipping lead time is 4-5 business days. Current average delivery time is 15 business days.

In Home Delivery & Setup: Current shipping lead time is 5-6 business days. Current average delivery time is 20 business days.

Please note the above are current national averages and can vary depending upon order volume and production. We do our best to ship as quickly as possible. All orders are hand made, assembled and inspected.

How do we ship?

Mattress Shipping: Shipped best rate UPS Ground. Maximum box size 23″ x 23″ x 36″ @ 55lbs per box.

Foundation Shipping: Shipped best rate UPS Ground. Maximum box size 77″ x 13″ x 12″, 80 lbs.

Where do we ship?

Contiguous (Lower 48) United States: Standard shipping service included FREE.

Alaska, Hawaii, & Canada: Additional service is required please fill out the form below to request a shipping quote.

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D70 Dunlop Soft: ILD 18-22

D80 Dunlop Medium: ILD 26-32

D90 Dunlop Firm: ILD 36-40

D95-100 Dunlop X-Firm ILD 45+


Talalay X-Soft: ILD 14-18

Talalay Soft: ILD 19-23

Talalay Medium: ILD 24-28

Talalay Firm: ILD 32-35

We only use 100% wool to meet all 1633 fire retardant regulations

mattress_burnUS law requires that mattresses pass a standardized burn test. This is to ensure that the mattress will not burst into flames during a residential household fire. This is an essential point in choosing a mattress which separates Sleeping Organic from conventional mattresses and other latex mattresses. The most inexpensive way to “fire proof” or “fire retardant” a mattress is to use toxic chemicals. These chemicals are extremely harmful to our health and have been banned in many countries in Europe for decades.

The fire barrier we use in our covers is made of wool and meets the US law (FR 1633) requirements. The wool fibers are woven into layers of batting and inserted under the organic cotton as a fire retardant.

Yes we have options to remove wool from our cover. Some options may require a documented prescription from your doctor. Please call us if you need a cover with out wool.

We quilt all of our latex mattress covers with an organically raised Eco-wool for two reasons:

1) We use wool to meet national 1633 fire retardant regulations. All mattress companies are required by law to pass burn tests. To do this, most mattresses are soaked in a proprietary chemical cocktail that allow the company to cheaply pass 1633 burn tests. These fire retardant chemicals are shown to seep into the skin while you sleep, and have been linked to various forms of sickness and disease. Wool is the only natural way to pass 1633 burn tests, and we’re activists for a clean, healthy sleep.

2) Wool has loads of natural benefits! Not only is it innately hypo-allergenic, it is also a natural insulator! The wool in your latex mattress cover will help keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer by wicking away moisture. Its ability to regulate body temperature makes it the best natural way to sleep cool at night! Check out our Information Center for more fun facts about wool!

Made with 100% organic cotton and Organically raised Eco-Wool. No synthetic fibers or toxic chemicals.


ALL of the cotton in our natural latex mattress covers is GOTS certified organic. GOTS, Global Organic Textile Standard, ensures that the cotton isn’t tainted by harmful pesticides, fertilizers or ecocides. This is important because cotton is the most heavily sprayed fiber in America with pesticides. A pesticide is an agent used to kill or otherwise adversely affect living organisms. The average individual spends a THIRD of their life on their mattress, so it’s no surprise that traces of pesticides are found in human blood, breast milk and urine. The toxins in pesticides are known irritants for allergy suffers, and are detrimental to our environment. Sleeping Organic is committed to sourcing its cotton exclusively in America, but only in a manner that is consistent with a clean, natural lifestyle. Read our blog about Organic Cotton for a breakdown on the innate benefits of organic cotton and the hazards to conventional cotton.

Yes, we can make virtually any size and shape mattress. Example of custom mattresses we have made include RV mattress, boat mattress, antique bed mattress, custom bunk mattresses and more. Please call us for a quote.

We manufacture our products in house and do not wholesale our products. This allows us to cut out the retailer and sell directly to you. We pass these savings directly to you!