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My fiancé and I bought a king size organic mattress from Sleeping Organic six months ago, and we both agree that is has been one of the best purchases we have ever made! The bed is an absolute dream. It is extremely comfortable, and with the ability to organize the 3 multi layered bed, it is the perfect balance between soft and firm for the two of us. The only problem now is having to get out of it in the morning!

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All Sleeping Organic’s latex mattress and latex toppers store are sourced from the world’s highest quality natural and organic materials. Check out our natural latex mattresses, latex toppers, and latex mattress accessories Come visit our latex mattress showroom today!

The Sleeping Organic mattress store in Charleston, South Carolina provides a luxurious, custom latex mattress, offering organic latex, organic cotton and natural wool sleep products that are free of harsh chemicals. Made with materials sourced directly from sustainable, renewable resources. We offer affordable, non-toxic bedding products in an industry where chemically enhanced materials are common.