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100% Natural Latex Topper

Do you want to upgrade your sleep, without buying a completely new mattress? Our 100% natural latex toppers are one of the best bangs for your buck out there!

Available in 100% natural talalay, 100% natural dunlop, and GOLS-certified dunlop, the latex mattress toppers you’ll find below can all be completely personalized to fit your body’s exact needs.

Follow our step-by-step walkthrough below to build the perfect latex topper for you.

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Sleeping Organic’s Latex Topper; The #1 Value for Naturally Improving Your Bed

You don’t need a completely new latex mattress to enjoy the benefits of sleeping on a latex bed…

Latex toppers are the most affordable way to make your nightly sleep healthier and more comfortable.


Why start Sleeping Organic with a new topper?

Sleeping Organic’s mission is to provide you premium, 100% natural bedding without the retail price tag.

And our latex toppers are no different!

All toppers are completely chemical-free and free of harmful toxins.

Sourced from the finest latex plantations on Earth, we never settle for low-grade latex foam.

Our high quality latex foam means these toppers will stand the test of time.

A durable option that you can count on sleeping on for years.

When we first began manufacturing latex toppers, one of our goals was to have an option for every budget.

That’s why we offer you 100% natural talalay toppers and 100% natural dunlop toppers, as well as the more premium 100% organic dunlop topper (which is GOLS-certified).

Now, it’s time to begin creating the perfect latex topper for you…

If you’re okay with sacrificing the fair trade guarantee of GOLS, then we suggest going with an 100% natural dunlop or 100% talalay mattress topper…

You’ll save money and likely never notice any big difference in feel.

100% Natural Dunlop Latex

You want a 100% natural, chemical-free mattress topper that’s on the extra supportive side of comfort. Dunlop toppers have more firmness than talalay, making them a popular choice amongst back sleepers and those with recurring back pain. A firmer bed means more support for your back!

GOLS-Certified Organic Dunlop

GOLS-certified dunlop latex has the same feel and firmness as 100% dunlop that isn’t certified. The difference is in production practices. GOLS-certified dunlop is guaranteed to be 100% fair trade and is considered by many to be more eco-friendly than latex foam that isn’t certified. If either of these are a requirement for you, then go with GOLS.

100% Natural Talalay Latex

Like the 100% dunlop toppers, our 100% natural latex toppers are completely natural, chemical-free, and non-toxic. If sleeping on a cloud is your idea of a great night’s sleep, then you’ll love our talalay toppers. The soft and medium options are a popular choice for side sleepers and well as for folks needing extra padding for their shoulders or hips.

We don’t offer 1 inch toppers because one inch of latex foam doesn’t give you enough comfort or support for your money. Instead, we exclusively sell premium 2 inch and 3 inch toppers. This way, your comfort (and happiness) is guaranteed.

Two Inch Height

Two inch toppers are perfect for beds that are close to how you want your sleep to feel, but still in need of a little extra love. Or, if you want to add a healthy layer of bedding between you and your synthetic mattress. If you currently have an inner spring mattress, we recommend opting for a three layer topper instead of a two inch, for comfort.

Three Inch Height

Buying a three inch latex topper means your bed (and your sleep) will enjoy a dramatic makeover. You’ll feel like you’re sleeping on a completely new bed (that just happens to be 100% natural) at less than half the cost of a new latex mattress.

Out of all your personalization choices, firmness its the most personal. That’s why most of the information on this page talks about how to choose the best mattress topper for you based on firmness.

Why is selecting the correct firmness so important?

What helps you wake up feeling rejuvenated every morning is much different than what makes one of family members feel well rested. So, why feel satisfied with only three firmness options when shopping for a latex mattress?

Our commitment to helping you discover the perfect sleep for YOUR needs means industry-best mattress topper personalization. And this doesn’t stop with the choice between two and three inch thickness layers.

You get to choose from not one or three, but FIVE layers of firmness.

So no matter what comfort means to you, you’re just one step closer from experiencing it every single night!

Sleeping Organic; Charleston Mattress Showroom

If you’re looking to buy an 100% natural latex mattress topper (or even a latex mattress), then you may have heard of the ILD rating. ILD stands for indention load deflection. It’s a technical term that measures how soft or hard a given piece of latex foam is. The higher the rating, the more firm the piece of latex is. Both mattresses and toppers can be classified by their ILD. You’ll notice that the ratings are listed as a range. For example: between 19 and 23 for a soft talalay topper. This is normal across all mattress manufacturers because of the latex machine’s margin for error.

Use ILD Rating as a Rough Calculation for Firmness

D70 Dunlop Soft: ILD 18-22

D80 Dunlop Medium: ILD 26-32

D90 Dunlop Firm: ILD 36-40

D95-100 Dunlop X-Firm ILD 45+

Talalay X-Soft: ILD 14-18

Talalay Soft: ILD 19-23

Talalay Medium: ILD 24-28

Talalay Firm: ILD 32-35

No matter how much room you have to spread out as you sleep, adding a new mattress topper to your bed is sure to make stretching out in the morning much more comfortable. And you’re almost there! Which size topper suits your needs? This is the last bit of information we’ll need from you before packing and shipping your topper!



The perfect latex mattress for kids! If your child is prone to an accident every once in a while, add a mattress protector and be worry-free!

Twin XL

Because most dorm rooms feature twin XL sized beds, our twin XL topper is the perfect fit for the new high school graduate. A better night’s sleep means better grades!


Many guest beds are full-sized. And there’s no better way to improve the sleep of your guests than adding a latex topper to the bed. A happy guest means a happy host!


Queen latex toppers are the most common size we sell. Adding a plush latex mattress topper to your aging bed is one of the best ways to wake up feeling more energized.

King & California King Sizes

King mattresses are expensive. That’s why many folks put up with their uncomfortable mattress for a long time instead of getting a new one. Our natural king latex toppers are a great option if you want to upgrade your sleep without spending big on a new mattress or downsizing to a smaller bed just to make things more affordable. Our natural toppers are also available in California King sizes.

latex mattress topper sizes

Though protecting your mattress is one of the more common reasons to buy a mattress cover, it’s not the only reason. Especially with latex toppers, having a mattress cover helps hold the mattress in place. So if you or your partner (or both of you…) tend to move around a lot while you sleep (or before going to bed…), then we suggest adding a mattress cover to your order. It will help prevent your topper from sliding and slipping around when you’re moving on it.

GOTS Organic Cotton Quilted Cover

Our Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified organic cotton cover is the more organic option of the two mattress covers we offer. It is quilted with wool and comes with a solid brass zipper. This cotton that makes up the topper is 100% organic!

Natural Cotton Quilted Cover

Our natural cotton quilted cover is as natural as you can get without having that GOTS approval slapped on. If you don’t need a 100% organic option and are fine with 100% natural, then we recommend this natural cotton cover. It’s also quilted with wool, and comes with an acrylic zipper.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can spot wash your latex topper with warm water and soap, but you don’t want to completely soak the latex.

As a general rule, dunlop latex lasts longer than talalay latex. Beyond this, the longevity of your topper comes down how it’s treated over time. If your topper is tucked away in a guest bedroom, it’ll likely will last longer than one used in a college dorm room. A few lifespan estimates for Sleeping Organic toppers: 6-10 years for talalay soft or talalay medium, and 8-15 years for dunlop medium, dunlop medium firm, and dunlop firm.

Our showroom and mattress factory are both located in Charleston, SC. Current shipping lead time on latex toppers without a cover is 3-4 business days. The average total time between when you order your topper and your first night sleeping on it is 10 business days.

These are national averages and can vary depending upon order volume, production, and where you live. If you sleep in Atlanta, you’ll get your topper earlier than if you live in California. We do our best to ship as quickly as possible. All orders are hand made, assembled and inspected

All shipments to the Contiguous United States (Lower 48) is 100% free.

Additional service is required for Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. If you’re from any of these places, please contact us directly for a shipping quote.

Because college dorm room beds are often Twin XL in size, our Twin XL toppers are a major upgrade to any dorm room. Choosing a durable Sleeping Organic latex topper over a cotton mattress topper means you’ll save hundreds in the long run because you won’t need to worry about the cotton topper wearing out after only a few semesters of use.

Are you looking for a natural mattress for one of your little ones? Twin-sized latex mattress toppers are a great way to help make your daughter or son’s sleeping environment much cleaner and free of allergens. Cleaner sleep means healthier kids!

And if your a parent, you know that a healthier, happier child means a happier you, too!

All toppers include a full 5 year warranty against manufacturer defects and dipping and sagging greater than .75″