Other Latex Mattresses vs. Sleeping Organic

When selecting a latex mattress company, there are several crucial factors to consider. Here are the key aspects that set us apart from the competition:

Are Latex Mattresses Heavy?

Latex Mattress Weight
The weight of the mattress is a significant factor, especially when purchasing online where you can’t assess the weight beforehand.
Initially, we opted for a 6-inch core in our latex mattresses but found them nearly immovable, leading to numerous complaints.
Consequently, we switched to 3-inch layers, which are not only easier to handle but also offer greater customization possibilities. The inherent stickiness of latex prevents the layers from shifting, ensuring stability without any drawbacks.
This stability is why we avoid encasing our 3-inch layers in a sock, as it could lead to slipping.

Do Latex Mattresses all have Zip-Off Covers?

Removable Zip Cover
Without access to the interior of your latex mattress, personalization of firmness is impossible. Flipping the mattress might offer a firmer side, but this method is limited.
Visibility is another concern; if you can’t see inside, you can’t be sure of the contents. Companies without a zippered cover could conceal anything from subpar latex to unwanted foam or even soiled latex.
Opt for a mattress with a removable zip cover to ensure you know exactly what you’re sleeping on.

What are the Different Types of Latex to Learn About?

100% Natural Latex vs. Natural Latex
A common issue is companies offering “natural latex” mattresses at incredibly low prices. While memory foam or hybrid mattresses should indeed cost less than 100% natural latex mattresses, “natural latex” often refers to blended or synthetic latex.

What’s a Custom Latex Mattress?

The Sleeping Organic Custom Layered Configuration

Customize your mattress according to your weight, preferred sleep style, and desired firmness level.
Our 3-inch layered system’s primary function is to tailor the firmness to your needs. We can achieve any level of firmness on the mattress scale through two methods:
Height of the Latex Mattress
The first method involves the height, width, or thickness of the mattress. This is significant because a thinner mattress tends to be firmer. While creating a super firm 13-inch mattress is possible, it’s more challenging due to the increased softness from more latex in the core.
Dunlop or Talalay Latex Options
The second method is the use of either Dunlop, Talalay, or a combination of both in your mattress’s construction. Generally, Talalay is for a softer feel, and Dunlop for a firmer feel. Mixing both types can yield a comfortable medium firmness. However, offering a wide range of firmness in both latex types is challenging, which is why many companies promote only Dunlop latex.

Custom Split-Sides 

Another advantage that sets us apart is the option for split-side firmness. This means you can have a different level of firmness on your side than your partner. This is a significant benefit, as most couples have varying sleep preferences. Don’t be swayed; having your side tailored to your needs is essential. Plus, it’s an added bonus that this feature is offered at no extra cost.

Latex Mattress Statistics

33% of Sleepers
A common critique of other latex mattress companies is their lack of a 13-inch model and the absence of Talalay latex options. By not providing these, they fail to cater to the firmness preferences of 33% of sleepers.
If we categorize sleepers into thirds for soft, medium, and firm preferences, each group represents 33.33%. For couples with different firmness preferences, the likelihood of finding a suitable latex mattress drops to a 33% chance.
To avoid the hassle of returns, choose a company that offers the most options for optimal sleep, including a wide range of firmness levels.