Sleeping Organic vs Other Latex Mattress Manufacturers

There are a few important details to consider when choosing between which latex mattress company to go with. Below are the distinguishing points that separate us from the rest. 

Weight of the latex mattress

An important point to consider is the weight of the mattress you are purchasing.  Because most likely you are purchasing a latex mattress online so there’s no way to tell how heavy the mattress is before you get it.  

When we were designing our latex mattress we had a choice between using a 6-inch core or using 3-inch layers.  Actually, we used to use the 6-inch core but quickly found it was almost impossible to move and received a lot of complaints. 

This led us to use 3-inch layers.  The 3 inch layers are easy to move and allow for more personalization if needed. We have found that the natural tackiness of latex does not allow any layers to move or slide. So, the 3-inch layers have all upside with no downside.  

This is one of the reasons we don’t put a sock around our 3-inch individual layers, it can cause them to slide.

Removable Zip Cover 

If you can’t get inside of your latex mattress to make adjustments, you can’t personalize the firmness. Perhaps you can flip the mattress and one side is more firm than the other but even that is limited when it comes to personalizing.  

Another point here is if you can’t see what’s inside, you don’t know what’s inside. Companies that don’t provide a zipper removable cover can get away with putting anything inside. Anything from inferior latex to unwanted foam layers to dirty latex. 

Know what you have, choose a removable zip cover!

100% Natural Latex vs Natural Latex

Another issue we see a lot is a latex mattress company offering a natural latex mattress at a crazy low price. How can they do this? I mean sure if it’s a memory foam or a hybrid mattress the price should be lower than a 100% natural latex mattress.

Natural Latex also Known as Blended Latex

Mattress manufacturers can purchase blended latex from latex suppliers.  Meaning that 5%, 10%, 20%, 30%, 40% up to 95% of the latex can contain a percentage of 100% natural pure latex.  For example, a blend could be 20% of 100% natural pure rubber and 80% synthetic.  The lower the amount of 100% pure natural latex and the higher the synthetic percentage of synthetic latex the cheaper the latex is. So when you are searching for the most pure latex you are looking for 100% natural latex.  And the gold standard is 100% natural latex that is GOLS certified. 

The Sleeping Organic Layered Configuration

Customize the mattress to you by your weight, sleep style, and the desired type of firmness.

The main function and reason for our 3-inch layered system is that we can customize and personalize the firmness to you. We can create any firmness on the mattress scale. We do this in two ways:

 Height of the Latex Mattress

First, this is the height, width, or thickness of the mattress. This matters. The thinner, the more firm the mattress. That’s not to say we can’t create a super firm 13-inch mattress, it’s just more difficult because the more latex in the core you have the softer the feel. 

Dunlop or Talalay Latex Options

The second way is by using either Dunlop, Talalay, or a mix of the two in the construction of your mattress. The basic guideline here is Talalay for soft and Dunlop for more firm. A combination of the 2 latex can be used as well to produce a nice medium feel.  If you can’t choose between the 2 types of latex, your range of firmness is greatly decreased. It is difficult to stock so many different firmnesses in both types of latex which is why a lot of companies only push Dunlop latex. 

33% of Sleepers

One of our main complaints around this topic with other latex mattress companies is that they don’t offer a 13-inch model and that they don’t offer Talalay latex as an option in their mattress. Without these two areas of a product line, they’re missing out on providing the right firmness to 33% of all people.

If we divide sleepers evenly into soft, medium, and firm sleepers that creates 33.33% of soft sleepers, 33.33% of medium sleepers, and 33.33% of firm sleepers. And if your partner likes a soft mattress and you like a firm mattress that takes your chances of finding one of those latex mattresses that work for both of you, down to a 33% chance of success. 

Can you say return? No one wants to do a mattress return. Why not go with a company that gives the most options for optimal sleep by providing the largest array of firmnesses. So if you or your partner like soft watch out for those companies that only sell Dunlop and 7-10 inch mattress models. 

Split-Side Firmnesses

Another benefit that separates us from the lot is split-side firmnesses.  This means that your side can be a different firmness than your partner’s side. This has huge upside as most couples have different sleep needs. Don’t be persuaded otherwise, you want your side configured to you.  And the best thing is, it’s completely free.