***Note: The picture is of our old showroom 2015-2020.

Mattress Store in Charleston, SC – Factory Direct Latex and Natural Latex Mattress Showroom 

We offer a Charleston Mattress store that specializes in latex mattresses. These are mattresses completely constructed with 100% natural latex. There are no coils, poly foams or memory foam.  These are luxurious, healthy, natural latex mattresses made from the sap of a rubber tree with a removable zip cover that allows you to change the firmness and feel of your mattress at any point in time. We are proud to be the only mattress store in Charleston providing this product. We have a mattress, topper and bedding accessory showroom located off Ashley Phosphate that you are welcome to come explore by appointment. We have multiple mattress and topper samples as well as accessories. 

Please call or email(cs@sleepingorganic.com) for an appointment. 800-625-4042

A Latex Mattress Store in Charleston, SC

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We have these models on warehouse display: 

Mattress Store Charleston, SC Configurations

4 Layer Tree – “Soft Feel”

Top Layer – Soft Talalay

Second Layer –  Soft Talalay 

Third Layer – Medium Talalay 

Fourth Layer – Firm Talalay 

3 Layer Leaf – “Soft Medium Feel”

Top Layer –  Soft Talalay

Second Layer – Medium Dunlop 

Third Layer –  Firm Dunlop 

Soft Talalay Topper on Display to try as well one top of any of the mattress configurations

4 Layer Tree – “Medium Feel”

Top Layer – Soft Dunlop

Second Layer – Medium Dunlop 

Third Layer – Firm Dunlop 

Fourth Layer – Extra Firm Dunlop 

3 Layer Leaf – “Firm Feel”  

Top Layer – Medium Dunlop

Second Layer – Firm Dunlop

Third Layer – Extra Firm Dunlop

***Showroom appointments are by appointment only. Please email cs@sleepingorganic.com to set an appointment. 

Current appointment times are available Monday – Saturday between 10 am – 4 pm.