How To Customize Your Sleeping Organic Pillow

Rumor has it: you just unboxed your new Sleeping Organic shredded latex pillow, and it’s not quite perfect yet. Follow this quick tutorial to personalize your pillow to make it perfect for how you sleep. Get started by pressing play on the 90 second video below!


You ready?

Here’s what you’ll need to get started:

  • Sleeping Organic Pillow
  • Trash bag
  • Smooth, flat surface (i.e hardwood floor or table)

Step 1: Unboxing

Your pillow comes in a travel bag.

This can be stored and doesn’t need to be used until you travel and want to protect your pillow.

Complete customization generally takes about 5 minutes.

Step 2: Find A Flat Surface

Find a flat open surface that’s away from pets and small children.

Your kitchen counter or kitchen table should work perfectly.

Step 3: Unzip Your Pillow

Before you get into it, we recommend moving down some of the latex away from the zipper to minimize the explosion effect you may get.

Unzip the pillow slowly without putting any pressure on the pillow. Think of this as you were to open a bottle of Kombucha. Sometimes it pops, sometimes there’s barely any carbonation.

You’ll see the latex shreds right away.

Step 4: Line Up The Bag

Line up your trash bag with your pillow so it creates a smooth transfer of the shredded latex.

Step 5: Remove Latex

Begin to remove the latex from your pillow, transferring into the trash bag.

Step 6: Zip Up Your Pillow

Once you have the desired amount of latex out of the pillow, go ahead and zip your pillow up!

Step 7: Fluff Your Pillow

For ultimate comfort, fluff your pillow to even out the latex.

Step 8: Clean Up

Clean up any extra latex that may have missed the trash bag.

If your pillow is brand new, we recommend saving the latex you removed. Store it in the trash bag for a while incase you realize you made the pillow too soft. Because you can always put it back in to make the pillow more firm!

And when you decide the pillow is perfect, then you can use the extra latex for a DIY pillow project or stuffed animal.