Premium Adjustable Frames by An Industry-Leading Brand

Leggett & Platt is a world-wide adjustable base brand. Known for their reliability, warranty, and industry-first features, Leggett & Platt is an adjustable bed frame you can trust. Shop Sleeping Organic's L & P adjustable frame deals and enjoy a price-match guarantee!  Adjustable beds sales are final so load up on the features you want! We currently carry the Comfort Elite base, the S-Cape 2.0+ base, Leggett Platt's Prodigy 2.0+ base, and their Simplicity 3.0 adjustable base. For price matching, please contact us directly!

Manufacturer Company Information

Founded 1883 by J.P Leggett and C.B. Platt, Leggett & Platt is one of the industry leaders in adjustable bedding products. The company created the world’s first coiled bed spring and has continued to be a pioneer in the bedding industry ever since. 135+ years later, L&P is still located near their original location in Carthage, Missouri, United States.

Leggett Platt is able to keep quality control of their bed frames because they focus on what they’re great at. They’re the product designers and manufacturers and stick to that, leaving the customer service duties to expert retailers and affiliates who sell their adjustable bed systems online and through in-person mattress stores. These relationships are likely why reviews of the products have remained extremely high compared to category averages over the last dozen years.

Excellent Product Range Variety

One of the primary reasons Leggett Platt is an adjustable category leader is their blend of sizes, pricing, and functionality. Their premier selection includes a little something for every type of sleeper, no matter what furniture style you’re looking to capture for your bedroom…

You can choose from a premium model, like their feature-rich Comfort Elite adjustable bed (that comes with massage for your back and pillow tilt for infinite head positions), or an adjusting bed from one of their entry level lines, like the Leggett Platt Simplicity 3.0+. But don’t let Simplicity fool you, it’s still a base that will help relieve all sorts of aches and pains, without breaking the bank!

Find Your Perfect Fit For Any Mattress Size; Twin XL to California King

Whatever size mattress you're sleeping on, you won’t have a problem finding the right Leggett Platt adjustable bed to complete your comfortable bedroom haven. 

Prices for the smaller models are lower of course, with ownership costs rising for bigger beds like queen, king, and cal-king.

Important note: two twin xl adjustable bases are combined to create a king adjustable bed.

Adjustable bed companies don't make one-piece king size adjustable bases because they would be impossible to carry and move through hallways and doors. So, since one half of a king size is twin XL, each sleeper will have their own way to adjust bed positions. So if you need aking, order the two twin XL versions then link them together! Each base will come with its own remote.

Leggett & Platt Prodigy Comfort Elite - Split King Size
Leggett & Platt's Prodigy Comfort Elite - Split King Size (Two Twin XLs)

Access Special Deals & Promotions

In general, pricing is standardized across the internet for most Leggett Platt adjustable base models. However, if you’re looking for extra savings, then you may still be able to find some gold! 

Many online stores selling Leggett Platt bases offer deals during major Holidays that are common for mattress sales such as Black Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day. Anything is possible!

If you’d like to order an adjustable bed to your home this week, then add your desired base to your cart then contact us with your message for price matching or additional discounts. We can check our account to see if there are any discounts or over-stock items available for shipping to your area.

Top Adjustable Base Features; Attractive Design To Superior Functionality

Simple bed bases that can only adjust up and down are a thing of the past. Leggett Platt adjustable beds are true sleep systems that not only look nice in your home, but solve a variety of physical problems that pop up for many sleepers. Suffering from a bad back or neck pain? Making your bed adjustable may bring the relief you need. 

Important: We are not doctors and do not claim to be! The paragraphs below are not medical advice and if you have serious physical ailments, then you should contact your physician.

How do adjustable beds solve physical issues?

In general, pricing is standardized across the internet for most Leggett Platt adjustable base models. However, if you’re looking for extra savings, then you may still be able to find some gold! 

Many online stores selling Leggett Platt bases offer deals during major Holidays that are common for mattress sales such as Black Friday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day. Anything is possible!

If you’d like to order an adjustable bed to your home this week, then add your desired base to your cart then contact us with your message for price matching or additional discounts. We can check our account to see if there are any discounts or over-stock items available for shipping to your area.

From neck to feet, leggett and platt adjustable beds have been known to solve a variety of troubles. We cannot guarantee that they will solve the core issue that plague you, but many sleepers find them to be therapeutic and a great addition to the pain management equation. 

Again: Please phone your doctor with any serious questions and issues. A well-trained medical practitioner may also be able to advise you on how adjustable beds could help your specific problem. 

Adjustable base for bad back issues

Are adjustable beds good for back problems? The short answer is yes… This is one of the top benefits of this type of bed frame! 

If you have a chronic back problem such as osteoarthritis, degenerative spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis, or another condition, then you may seriously benefit from an adjustable bed that can allow you to sleep in a somewhat upright, or inclined sleep position. These inclined sleep positions help take pressure off your back because they place it higher than the rest of your body. When your upper body is elevated, it should decrease strain on the back. 

Lumbar Support feature 

A customer favorite on many L&P models is lumbar support, an added back support feature. Lumbar support automatically fills the small area of your lower back providing maximum support and comfort. This is similar to the lumbar features present in many electronic car seats, and can all be adjusted directly from the remote. 

Without lumbar support, you can find similar relief by raising your legs to take pressure off of the lumbar spine, however, doing so cannot be compared to how well real lumbar support can be for lower back issues. 

In premium Leggett & Platt bases, the lumbar support can be adjusted up and down to increase or decrease the amount of support present while laying flat on your back. 

If you wake up in the morning with a sore back, then this feature alone may be why you want to purchase a top of the line adjustable bed.

lumbar support on leggett & platt's comfort elite base
Customers love the functional lumbar support feature on Leggett & Platt's Comfort Elite

Pillow tilt for neck issues

Many of the best adjustable bases (those manufactured by Leggett & Platt included) have pillow tilt features that help you raise your neck and head to a desired level. For folks who have trouble getting their head and neck into the perfect position for sleeping, this pillow tilt feature can have a tremendous impact on sleep quality. It is particularly helpful for back sleepers who prefer a slight slope to their pillow and those who generally use two pillows to help prop their head up.

If you have neck pain while sleeping, an adjustable base can help but so can pillows. Sleeping Organic latex pillows are also great for neck pain while sleeping because the interior latex is adjustable. This adjustability allows you to have a “high rise” with lots of latex fill (if you want lots of support under your head), or a “low loft” with limited latex fill (if you want more of a flat sleeping surface). 

With adjustable beds, the pillow tilt in models like the Leggett & Platt Comfort Elite act a lot like a high loft pillow that raises your neck. 

Can an adjustable base solve my acid reflux?

Acid reflux is another name for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (aka. GERD). According to the Mayo Clinic, GERD occurs when stomach acid frequently flows back into the tube connecting your mouth and stomach (esophagus). This backwash (acid reflux) can irritate the lining of your esophagus.” 

Many people experience these symptoms from time to time, sometimes after a heavy meal for instance, but it can become a diagnosed disease if it occurs more often. If this is the case for you, then an adjustable bed could help with acid reflux problems on a case by case basis, particularly when the symptoms are not severe.

How do adjustable beds help with GERD? When you raise the back portion of the bed so your shoulders and head are higher than your chest, the gravity helps improve acid reflux symptoms. When your body is in this position, the effect of gravity onto the situation makes it harder for the acid to push itself up the esophagus. 

There are many ways to combat GERD and we suggest first speaking with your doctor to create a treatment plan first before making any purchases. There’s a chance they will prescribe an adjustable bed to help give you acid reflux relief and if this is the case, we’re here to help you choose the best base for your situation.

Adjustable bases for sore feet

Adjustable beds that come with functionality to elevate your feet can help relieve sore feet in the same way that propping your feet up on a pillow can. Raising your feet helps avoid blood pooling up and stagnating in the lower leg region which can contribute to foot pain as you’re sleeping. The advantage of using a foot tilt feature over a pillow (or stack of pillows) is that the whole lower leg is guaranteed to stay elevated because there is no pillow to kick away, or stack of pillows to fall over.

Technology That Delivers Relaxing Results

Gone are the days of clunky, manually adjustable bed setups! Introducing… versatile USB ports, chic under-bed lighting, convenient one touch recline, syncing via app with your apple phone, and much more. The electronics of Leggett Platt adjustable bed bases are designed to truly make your room a “stay at home” bedroom haven!

Advanced Touch Remote

Many of L&P’s bases come with one of the industry’s most advanced remote controls. Grabbing the remote from your night stand, hitting a button, and instantly transforming your bed into your favorite position is a tremendous pleasure. It completes that bedroom haven feeling that only a Leggett & Platt base can promise.

Directly from the remote, you can adjust features like pillow tilt and head positioning, lumbar support, foot and leg position, and even massage. And if you find a position you love, you can set it as a preset so returning to it is only one click away.

Adjustable Bed Remote control with view of buttons
Using a Leggett Platt remote control, check out all the positions you can adjust to with the push of a button!

Modern Under-Bed Lighting

Go ahead and throw your night light away because your new bed brings modern lighting that fits seamlessly into your furniture style. You can turn the lighting on or off as you please using the remote or app on your phone.

Convenient USB Ports To Power Your Phones

Many models have electronic hubs for you to charge your iPhone, Android phone, or any other accessories you enjoy using in bed. The popular Prodigy and Comfort Elite series’ feature four USB ports in total. Two ports on each side of the bed cover every sort of charging needs you may desire. Note: lower tier models like the Raven and Falcon do not have the USB charging function.

Feel Like Part Of The Family

Compared to Reverie, Serta, Sealy, iComfort and other adjustable bed companies, Leggett & Platt tends to be a more innovative brand. They offer a wider variety of models compared to other brands, with strong support for replacement parts in the event something happens to your adjustable bed. When it comes to improvements over competition, their microhook technology leads the way.

Patented Microhook Retention System

The Microhook retention system removes the common need for adjustable beds to have a retainer bar setup at the bottom of the base to keep mattresses in place. The lack of retainer bar gives all Leggett Platt bases a more modern look and feel, helping with bedroom design on top of the increased usability and comfort. 

The Microhook retention system is a great improvement over everything else that came before it, creating an adjustable base that looks more like your bed and less like a hospital bed.


Registering your warranty on Leggett & Platt’s website is quick and easy. Start on this page to register your warranty with zero headaches. All you need to do is provide product details like serial number, point of purchase (store name, sales date, etc), address information, and some simple customer info like your name and email address. 

If you need assistance while registering your warranty, there is a number to contact their staff to help you through the process.

What is the warranty on Leggett and Platt adjustable bases? The retailer has tiered 1/3/25 year warranty guarantees that cover the products in a different capacity for each tier. Click the link above to read the warranty in full before purchase to see which items are covered during each year of ownership.


Most third party retailers keep their Leggett Platt adjustable bases in warehouses or have them shipped directly to you from the manufacturer. For this reason, local pickup is often not available. 

Shipping times vary depending on your zip code and order size. To get an estimate on your ship time, contact Sleeping Organic and we can help you. 


Each retailer has their own return policy for sending back adjustable bases. Bases purchased with gift cards can sometimes be more difficult to return, but your rights as a buyer depend on the policy of the store where you purchased the base. 

To lower expectations, start by assuming all sales are final unless the company’s website states otherwise. This is Sleeping Organic’s policy as well as the policy of most other companies that sell adjustable bases online due to the extremely high reboxing and shipping costs that come with processing the return of an item so large and heavy.

Common Questions About Adjustable Bases

couple relaxing on adjustable bed at night
An adjustable base can turn your bedroom into relaxing bedroom haven.

For specific questions, please contact Sleeping Organic using the convenient form on our contact page here: https://sleepingorganic.com/contact-us/. A Sleep Specialist will get back to you within 1 full business day, often sooner. Below are some of the most frequent questions we hear about adjustable bases.

What are the main benefits of a Legget & Platt adjustable bed?

Leggett and Platt adjustables, and adjustable beds in general, are a great improvement over a traditional bed frame for too many reasons to list here. However, there are a few primary benefits we can easily highlight.

First, multiple bed positions! An adjustable bed helps you shape your sleeping experience into any position you desire. This is one of the reasons L&P adjustables are often said to make your room a “bedroom haven”. It’s the ultimate way to get comfortable. 

The second popular benefit has a lot to do with the first--- an adjustable bed can help relieve physical ailments mentioned earlier on this page. From your neck, to your back, and down to your feet, adjusting your sleep position with the push of a button can frequently be more beneficial as a pain reliever than some medicines.

Third… the fun factor. Why watch TV or use your laptop in the living room when you can do it from bed? The beauty of an adjustable bed is that it can prop you up into the perfect position to watch television or check out what’s new online while using your laptop. 

Lastly, folks love their adjustable beds because of the features. From the full body massage to the under bed lighting and more, the technology included in these bed frames will completely transform your bedroom.

Complimentary Bedding Products

What type of mattress is best?

Though we may be a little biased because these are the types of mattresses we sell here at Sleeping Organic, the best mattress to use with an adjustable base is without a doubt a latex mattress. Latex mattresses are best for adjustable beds because they are malleable and do not contain any hard springs. The flexibility of the mattress material you use with your adjustable base (in this case, latex) is important because when you adjust the position of the bed, the mattress needs to move with it. If there’s anything hard that hinders movement, the power base can’t do its job.

Besides latex, 100% memory foam mattresses and micro or pocketed coil mattresses are the only other suitable options. They are the “doable” choice, but not the best choice because memory foam is not as bendable as latex and also tends to sleep hotter.

Do I need a box spring for an adjustable bed?

No, you do not need to use a boxspring with an adjustable base. The base is a foundation in itself, so it does not need any additional items to support or prop up your mattress.

What sheets will fit best without slipping?

You don’t need any special sheets to fit your mattress with an adjustable base foundation. As long as the sheets match your bed size (for example, Twin XL sheets for Twin XL mattresses), then most sheets should work just fine. When in doubt, choose a sheet set that can fit deeper mattresses. This is especially important if you have a mattress height that is higher than 10 inches . One example scenario is a 12 inch latex mattress with a 3 inch latex mattress topper on top.

Ordering Details

How long does shipping take?

Shipping times for bulk items like an adjustable base can vary depending on the model, size, and retailer the base was purchased from. When you purchase from Sleeping Organic, the average shipping times for Leggett & Platt bases is approximately 2-3 weeks from the time you place your order. This ship time can vary depending on major holiday sales volume and other acts of nature like COVID-19. 

What is In-Home-Delivery and Setup (Formally “White Glove Delivery)?

In home delivery and setup with bedroom furniture and other big items for your home is an opportunity to simplify and ease the burden of the setup process. This type of delivery was formally referred to as White Glove Delivery but changed due to the worldwide shortage of white silk gloves. 

With In-home-delivery and setup, the delivery person/people will bring the item into your desired location inside the home then set up the product or build the furniture. With something as heavy as an adjustable bed, this saves you heavy lifting and the time required to assemble the product. 

The other delivery option is “curbside” delivery.  

Curbside delivery drops the packaged base on your curb. You are then responsible for inspecting the box the adjustable base is received in, getting it into your home, then assembled in the room of your choice. If you see damage on the box that is penetrating, we recommend rejecting the shipment as damaged. If you want to avoid the potential of this process, we recommend paying a bit extra for “in home delivery and setup.”

Leggett & Platt Discounts & Promo Codes

Black Friday style deals for Leggett & Platt bases are available year-round at Sleeping Organic.

Price-matching available on some models and sizes. Contact us to get current savings and pricing.