Certified Organic Quilted Topper



Encased in GOTS-certified organic cotton sateen and filled with GOTS-certified wool, our quilted toppers are designed to sit atop your existing mattress. With organic wool sustainably sourced from New Zealand, these toppers provide a comfortable, breathable sleep surface that naturally regulates body temperature. Adding a topper allows you to fine-tune your sleep system to your comfort preference. In addition, sleeping on a natural surface has also been shown to lower your heart rate, resulting in a deeper, more restful sleep. Two thickness options:

Deep Sleep – Approximately 1.5-2″ thick, perfect for adding a little softness.

Ultimate – Approximately 2.5-3″ of wool, ideal for those wanting the feel of a plush pillow top

Crib size available, approximately 1″ thick with cotton elastic straps sewn at each corner to secure topper to the mattress. Recommended for infants over three months of age.