8 Beautiful Spots to Catch The Sunrise in Charleston, SC

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Yes, we all love sunsets, but there’s something special and different about watching a Charleston sunrise that you just can’t get from sunsets. It’s not only feeling of accomplishment from getting up early, but it’s the opportunity to take time for yourself to set your intentions for the day.

With the summer months quickly approaching, the sunrise will be as early as 6:10am. Watching the sunrise can be a bit ambitious even for earliest risers. Because to fully watch it you want to get to your location 10-15 minutes before the actual sunrise time. To see exactly what time the sun is going to rise this week, click here.

Remember: if you get a good night’s rest, it will be easier to get up and out the door.

We’ve put this list of our favorite spots around Charleston to watch the sunrise:

Isle of Palms

sullivan's island sun rise

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There’s a beach inlet near Palm blvd on Sullivan’s Island where you can lay out a blanket or yoga mat to get a comfortable look at the sunrise.

This one’s our favorite!

It’s that iconic “lets head to the beach to walk along the water and watch the sunrise” type of spot. The 6.5 mile long beach is perfect for a morning run, bike, or walk. You will find many doing yoga, meditating, playing catch with their dogs, or simply watching the sunrise with a cup of coffee.

Shem Creek (Mount Pleasant)

shem creek sunrise in mount pleasant

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Located right down the road from our Charleston mattress showroom, Shem Creek is right up there as one of our favorites. You can watch the shrimp boats head out of the day, watch the variety of birds hunt for their breakfast, and get a little walking in!

You’ll be able to catch most the sunrise on the boardwalk near Red’s and Vickie’s. It’ll rise right over the Shrimp Boats. But if you walk to the end of the boardwalk, you’ll be in for a real treat. From there, you’ll be able to see from Mount Pleasant far beyond the Charleston harbor. A beautiful sight! And if you’re lucky, you may even catch a glimpse of a dolphin or two!

Folly Beach

folly beach sunrise

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Located 11 miles from Downtown Charleston, Folly Beach is one of the more popular beaches in the area. With tourists flooding in from all over, you can still get some alone time on the beach to admire the first few minutes of light.

It’s a great opportunity to be the first in line to claim the perfect beach spot for the day too…

Because as they say, the early bird catches the beach spot!

Battery Park (Downtown Charleston)

battery park charleston sun rising

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What used to be a defense line during the civil war remains a 1.5 mile (estimate) walkway for you to walk, run, or bike along E Battery and Murray Blvd.

It’s one of the top attractions in downtown Charleston and you’ll want to be along the E Battery side to watch the sunrise. This way, you’ll be sure to catch a glimpse of the Ravenel Bridge along the colorful backdrop.

Pitt St Bridge (Mount Pleasant)

mount pleasant, sc sun rise

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This little gem is located on Pitt St. in Mount Pleasant’s Old Village.

In the 1800’s, it was a trolley bridge that connected Mt. Pleasant and Sullivan’s Island but has now been turned into a wonderful walking bridge and popular fishing pier.

Daniel Island-Wando River

daniel's island, sc sun rise

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Another excellent spot to watch the sun come up near Charleston is right off the Daniel’s Island trail, near the Mark Clark Expressway (526) along the Wando river.

Since you’re already awake, stay a little while after the sun’s up to explore the many trails that weave along the marshes and a through the downtown area of Daniel’s Island.

Ravenel Bridge

ravenel bridge south carolina sun rise

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This one is for the over-achievers! You’ll have to walk, run or bike up the Ravenel bridge to get the best view, but just think about how rewarding it will feel!

You got up early, caught the sunrise, AND got a workout in!

Don’t sleep on these magnificent views!

Make sure you wake up early every once in awhile to catch the photo-worthy landscapes Charleston has to offer and you’ll be rewarded with feelings of accomplishment and beautiful views. And maybe you’ll just reward yourself with a trip to one of these organic charleston breakfast spots.