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Reviews From Verified Customers

After spending far too many hours researching…

After spending far too many hours researching mattresses online and trying out mattresses in my area, I decided to go with a latex mattress. There were no 100% latex mattresses available in the greater Cleveland area to try out. Can you believe it? Th closest was outside Pittsburgh. After additional research, online products descriptors, options, customer reviews and store telephone conversations, I decided to go with Sleeping Organic.

I ordered the 4 layer variety. With the help of Chris Mullins, we came up with a configuration to suit my 215 lb husband and my smaller 130 lb self. What a fantastic decision! Both of us turn less and sleep deeper. Prior to this mattress, I would have occasional shoulder and hip discomfort – especially when traveling and sleeping on a hard bed. No longer an issue! We are super happy with this bed. Chris was a fount of information, low key and easy going. I truly hate a hard sell and did not go with another company for that reason as well as being told that a medium mattress would be suitable for both of us. I do have one small wrinkle. These mattresses are heavy. To switch sides of the bed means unzipping the cover and removing 2 layers before it is light enough to manipulate and then re-layering it. Most people seem to like sleeping on the same side of the bed. As a Physical Therapist, possibly a bit excessive in my pursuit of sleeping symmetry (yes, I know I have a fantastic husband who goes along with this practice!!!!). Anyway, if you can afford it, go for it.

Laurie L.

Felt The Difference in ONE NIGHT

I just traded in my iComfort mattress that was only 3 years old for a tree four layer split configuration mattress and OH. MY. GOD. What a difference in ONE NIGHT!!! The split config is great because my partner and I are were able to customize each side! We also got the two shredded latex pillows and I have not had a better night sleep in my life! For the first time in over 20 years I've woken up with out a stuffy nose and ZERO lower back pain. I am obsessed!!!


All Around Fantastic!!

We highly recommend Sleeping Organic to anyone looking for a natural and extremely comfortable sleep. When they say The Best customer service, they really mean THE BEST. We owned our mattress (The Tree) for close to a year and can really testify to the quality and comfort. Even our two large dogs prefer sleeping on the bed too, and who can blame them. We purchased a king size and theres plenty of room for us all.
If you;re looking into purchasing an organic mattress, look no further, this is the one you want.

Jason Nutbrown

Best Pillow Ever!

I;m quite used to waking up with neck stiffness and have tried every fancy pillow out there to help make my slumber and mornings more comfortable. Or at least I thought I;ve tried them all. Last month, I got a Shredded Latex Pillow as a gift and not only does it feel so comfy to rest my head on, but my neck has felt so much better in the morning. I think the fact that the latex is shredded allows the pillow to cradle your head and neck rather than simply prop it up. And it;s natural and organic!
Buy one for yourself, or even better buy one for someone you love. I cant think of a better gift!

Rachel L

Literally A Dream

My husband and I agree that this mattress was by far the best investment we’ve ever made. Not only have our aches and pains miraculously disappeared, but we sleep so much better at night knowing that we’re not absorbing any harmful chemicals while we dream. My husband and I opted to go with the split configurations so we could have his and her sides, and the Sleeping Organic crew went above and beyond to make sure that each side of the mattress was perfectly customized to meet all of our mattress dreams. Thank you SO much Sleeping Organic! We LOVE our new mattress and couldn’t be happier with the EXCELLENT customer service we received. I’ll be in touch as soon as I’m closer to my due date to purchase one of your organic baby mattresses! :)


Best Mattress I’ve ever had!

Holy Sleeping Sheeps! Best mattress I’ve ever had. I got a tempur-pedic mattress and had to return it the next day because of how many chemicals they spray on it… It messed me up and wasn’t all I thought it would be, not even that comfortable… This mattress is perfect, not too soft and not too firm, it’s like laying in the grass or the sand, very relaxing and my sleep has improved as well.
Thank you!

David Benjamin

Sleeping Well

Since sleeping on my new (extra firm/medium/soft) Talalay mattress, I am sleeping far more soundly, and waking up feeling more refreshed than ever before! I have previously owned both a luxury pillow-top mattress and a Tempur Pedic brand mattress. The Tempur felt fantastic, but my Sleeping Organic mattress has been far better than either in terms of overall satisfaction. As many of us have experienced, natural just feels better because it is healthier. Not only are you what you eat, apparently you are where you sleep too.

Matt D.

What is this slice of heaven…

Dear Brandon,
We cannot thank you enough for your generosity. We received the the pillows and the mattress pad and all of it combined with the bed and frame has made for probably the most fantastic sleeping experience we have ever had. We call the bed the cloudx27; because it truly feels like we are sleeping on one. The bed is so comfortable and luxurious we will forever tell everyone and anyone who is looking for a new bed to check you guys out. Every night we get into bed we say to one another how fantastic it feels and how happy we are with our decision to purchase from you especially since it was sight unseen. Not only are we ecstatic for the amazing product but for your exceptional customer service. From the very beginning you took such care and time with us over the phone and then through to what may have been a bit of a nightmare shipping experience, but your customer service well made up for it.
Thank you thank you so very much we are so pleased and going to bed at night is fantastic. Also, our dog has completely fallen in love with the bed as well and we have never seen her sleep so fitfully! She was like?what is this slice of heaven? and it is now her new favorite place in our home.
Have a wonderful rest of your weekend and thank you again.
My best,
Brooklyn NY

Carly R.

The most comfortable mattress I have owned.

I have been sleeping on the Sleeping Organic mattress from you for a week now, and I find it to be the most comfortable mattress I have owned.
I have both arthritis and lower back problems, and this mattress gets me the closest to pain free in the morning than anything else I have tried.
I asked for a soft mattress, and your suggestion of 4 layers (firm, medium, soft, and extra soft topper) surprised me with how good it felt.
Since I am a softness freak, I may want to try adding a 2 inch extra soft topper. I hesitate because I already like what I have, and I don’t want
to screw it up. But if I do not like the feel with the extra topper, I can always move it to another bed. I plan on sleeping on the new mattress
for another week or 2 before deciding on ordering the additional topper.
Thanks for the great bed,
Dennis S.

Dennis S.

Sleeping well in Canada!

Our mattress arrived to us in Canada, right to our doorstep, extremely easy to put together, it’s awesome! Had a bit of an issue with getting our pillows but Brandon was totally fantastic and helped get it all resolved. Love Sleeping Organic and totally recommend them to all in Canada and the US. Thanks

Lois Muddle

After tons of research I chose Sleeping Organic

After tons of research I chose Sleeping Organic latex mattress for my daughter and I am very pleased with my purchase.
I had tried non-organic ones and had to return them due to the heavy chemical smell.
The mattress I ordered from Sleeping Organic is comfortable, sturdy, and chemical free (You can smell a little bit smell of cotton/latex at the beginning but it goes away soon). The firmness is just right and my daughter sleeps very well on it.If you want a non toxic mattress with excellent quality and unbeatable price, go with Sleeping Organic!

Y.T. from Atlanta, GA

Heaven on Earth

Have been sleeping on the tree mattress for three months and it absolutely heavenly. The information given by Brandon and Chris was spot on. This is the only company to actually tell you there are no seams except in the California King–that there are no synthetics or fillers like ash or chalk being used. I have spent many hours researching all the companies and they all hide something except Sleeping Organic. They are the real deal.

Don H.

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Previoulsy 5 beds in 8 years, Finally Found the Gem!!

No kidding, I have spent alot of money on beds in the past 8 years. I have had lower back pain, sleepless nights, tossing and turning, etc. When I stumbled across Sleeping Organic, I was very impressed with all the benefits of this material, but it was all about my experiences sleeping that I was most concerned with. I purchased the King 3 layer. The 3 layers are interchangeable, the owner Chris provided exceptional service and this bed absolutely rocks. We made our bed fit our specific needs, my wife has her perfect medium to soft side and i have my more firm side, we are both happy and we used to joke about needing the craftmatic adjustable bed. That's a gimic, this is the real thing. I have waited 1 year before making this review because I wanted to make sure my happiness and comfort was sustainable. It certainly is, and its the best bed I have ever owned. See you guys in 20 years!!

Chris Henderson

Very happy with my new mattress! (?Muy contento con mi nuevo colchon!)

Este colchon es increible!!! Al principio, tenia mis dudas porque estaba muy encarinado a mi anterior colchon super blando pero una vez que me acostumbre a la firmeza de este, lo ame !!! Lo super recomiendo! la gente de Sleeping Organic son de confiar – entrega en forma y tiempo – calidad superior
(This mattress is amazing! At first I was hesitant because I was very fond of my previous super-soft mattress but once I got used to the strength of this, I loved it! Sleeping Organic people are trustworthy – in shape and on time – top quality )

Alejandro P

I usually never take the time to leave a review…

I usually never take the time to leave a review for any products but I was so overwhelmed with satisfaction over my new bed that I felt I must. I am pushing my retirement years and have had many beds in my time.I usually never take the time to leave a review for any products but I was so overwhelmed with satisfaction over my new bed that I felt I must. I am pushing my retirement years and have had many beds in my time. By FAR, this is the most luxurious and comfortable bed I have ever had the pleasure of sleeping on. The quality of the box spring and the mattress cover are exceptional. With Sleeping Organic you get 4 layers of quality, organic latex instead of 3 layers that almost every other latex bed company offers at just about half the cost AND it;s all ORGANIC. On top of it all they offered me outstanding customer service and I will admit that I am not an easy customer. In all honesty if your looking for a great organic latex bed at a great price and want great customer service…… It does not get any better than Sleeping Organic. Cynthia C. from NH The quality of the box spring and the mattress cover are exceptional. With Sleeping Organic you get 4 layers of quality, organic latex instead of 3 layers that almost every other latex bed company offers at just about half the cost AND it;s all ORGANIC. On top of it all they offered me outstanding customer service and I will admit that I am not an easy customer. In all honesty if your looking for a great organic latex bed at a great price and want great customer service…… It does not get any better than Sleeping Organic. Cynthia C. from NH

Cynthia C.

I don’t want to leave my bed in the mornings!

Dear Brandon and all at Sleeping Organic,
I apologize for not writing sooner….but I have been to heaven and am still there! I have slept in the best beds pretty much all of my life. It has always been a priority. This bed including the wool topper I purchased is absolutely the best purchase I have made in a long time. I sleep like a baby and feel wonderful when I wake up! The only problem is I don’t want to leave my bed in the mornings!
You have a fabulous product. I appreciated the quick response when I initially inquired about this latex bed you offer. I admit I contacted other sites but they did not respond in a timely manner or at all. Their prices were higher as well in most cases.
Again, you made this Texas woman a very happy camper! When anyone needs a new bed in my house it will be yours.
Thank you again.
Karen G.

Karen G.

Custom Box Spring

We were visiting the Charleston area when we spotted the Sleeping Organic store. After a couple of conversations with Brandon, we decided to purchase two twin mattresses. I had wanted to purchase an organic mattress for a while but couldn’t find a company that would make the custom box spring that we needed. Brandon spent the necessary time and effort to provide the custom box spring. We have had the mattresses since last May and continue to be very satisfied. My husband is no longer visiting the physical therapist regularly for aches and pains. I would highly recommend their products.

Susan Sparks

Great buying experience

We had been searching for a mattress for several months and had done a lot of research. There is a lot of misinformation out there about organic latex and organic mattresses. When we contacted Chris we were pleased to find some one who knew their product, spoke honestly about their product and who always had time to answer our questions. In fact just by speaking to us for a few minutes he was able to accurately suggest the layer configuration that we ultimately found most comfortable. Next selling point for us was the price. A comparable bed bought from a local store would have cost us double the price. Even though an end of year sale had expired Chris generously offered us the sale price. Throughout the delivery process the communication was timely and accurate and after the sale service has been exactly the same. Now for the bed…we should have bought this bed years ago. Best restful sleep I have had in a long time. My wife who has several health issues is doing so much better as well. I would not hesitate to recommend buying from Sleeping Organic to a family member or a friend.

Steve H. ~ Sunnyvale, CA

We researched for 6 months…

We researched our purchase of Latex Mattresses for about 6 months. There are sooo many sites and soooo many products. The main reason we chose Sleeping Organic was the ability to choose Dunlop and Talalay latex in a variety of different firmnesses all in the same mattress. We found no other site with that ability, especially in the variety of firmness selections Sleeping Organic offers. Chris, our Rep was very helpful and made some valuable suggestions. We requested a specific delivery date and our beds arrived on time and in excellent condition. We Purchased the 4 layer (Tree) Model. We scheduled a specific delivery date and our beds arrived on time and in excellent condition. We have spent about a week on the mattresses, and they are on top of a set of Leggett & Platt Adjustable beds. We are very pleased with our purchase and the assistance, follow up, and follow through we received from Chris, our Rep. We would recommend Sleeping Organic to anyone looking for a latex mattress.

Steve & Vicky - Surprise, AZ

Incredible COMFORT!

I initially chose Sleeping Organic because I have a lot of allergies and needed to not have chemicals. But what I got was so much more. I have The Leaf mattress with two Dunlop Soft layers topped with one Dunlop Medium layer. It is the MOST COMFORTABLE bed I have ever been in, BAR NONE. I would HIGHLY recommend this company for quality, comfort and excellent customer service.


It is wonderful to fall asleep and wake up pain free

It is wonderful to fall asleep and wake up pain free! The experience I have had with Chris at sleeping organic has been one that I would recommend to anyone seeking a truly custom bedding experience. From the choices of layers to the firmness of each, Chris was attentive to my needs and delivered a product second to none and at a price unbeaten in the marketplace. I would recommend him and Sleeping Organic to anyone seeking top notch products and top notch service.
Dr. Eric Shapiro
Charlotte, NC

Dr. Shapiro

Best Mattress Ever

I purchased; The Leaf; organic mattress a couple of months ago after finding toxic things in my blood work from sleeping on a tempurpedic for 7 years. I primarily went with the latex for its organic value, but quickly realized that its comfort far exceeds anything else I have slept on. My husband and I travel a lot and always look forward to getting back home to a good nights rest. I don’t wake up feeling stiff anymore nor do I feel those pressure points I use to feel. The bed is awesome and I highly recommend getting the latex pillows as well. The support in the pillows are great and support your neck just perfect. We also got the adjustable bed frame and I was hesitant at first, but we use it every night and morning. Best Mattress Ever!

Wendi S.

wonderful bed

We purchased this bed in the fall of 2012. We could not be happier. I have never slept on a more comfortable bed. Customer service provided by Brandon was just great. I was hesitant to make such a purchase on line, but there were no problems at all. I would recommend this company and this product to my family and friends.

Brenda Yates

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Beyond expectations

We love the flexibility of the different layer options. It has worked out great that we could split our King down the middle as my husband likes his side softer and I like my side firmer. Customer service worked hard to make everything flow smoothly with all of our questions. I have and will continue to recommend this bed and company to my friends and family.

Mindy R.

Thank you!!

After hearing about Sleeping Organic I knew I wanted my next mattress to be organic. Brandon took his time to help me pick out the right mattress. My new Sleeping Organic mattress is beyond comfortable. And I can sleep without the worry of breathing in chemicals that are commonly found in mattresses. Brandon said buying a Sleeping Organic mattress would make a difference in the way I feel. To be honest I did not believe him, but after my first night on my new mattress I truly woke up with more energy and feeling great. I cannot wait for many more great nights! Thank you Sleeping Organic!


Knocked Out

For the first time in years, I knock out hard. I bought the Two Layer Queen-sized Mattress and could not be happier! There are no uncomfortable coils or noises; I don’t even need to turn over or readjust in the middle of the night! I’m pretty sure I wake up in the exact position I fell asleep in. (This isn’t an exaggeration either.) I highly recommend Sleeping Organic, these guys know what sleep is!


I’ve never made a big purchase online

I am finally getting to enjoy the bed and mattress. Everything is great. At first I thought the mattress was softer than I like. I do occasionally have back discomfort, and I generally prefer a firmer mattress, but you had suggested that I go with medium, medium, soft layers, I believe, rather than firm, firm, soft. I am still not 100% certain about which I’d prefer, but I’ve so far had 3 very comfortable nights of sleep with no back issues and getting used to the softer feel of the mattress. I love the bed frame and night table. Thanks for all your efforts and attentiveness. I’ve never made a big purchase like that from an online source, particularly without first testing out the product. You have made it a very pleasant experience.


Three layers of awesome!

I purchased a three-layer Leaf mattress about 6 months ago and I cannot believe that I did not buy it sooner. Why did I suffer with my old spring mattress so long? This mattress is so heavenly and so comfortable – I know longer wake up with aches and mysterious pains. Even if I sleep in an awkward position, the cozy latex layers support me over every inch. The employees are very knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating – thanks, guys!
It is no exaggeration to say that this purchase was worth every penny and it is probably the wisest furniture investment I have ever made. I look forward to sleeping on this mattress for a long, long time. I can feel my wonderful bed calling to me even now, It is bedtime, dear one! Come and let me cradle you into a sweet slumber. 

Becky Ryan

Excellent Customer Service

I bought mattress from Brandon. He was very knowledgeable and showed excellent customer service. I would definitely shop there again.


Amazing Mattress

I wanted to pass on an awesome find. I just purchased a king size organic mattress from our neighbor store Sleeping Organic. I have had so many previous injuries that I have never slept though a night without waking several times. I am on day two with this amazing mattress and have slept though the entire night. This mattress rocks so trust me and go see Brandon and Chris at Sleeping Organic. They will set you up and you will feel amazing. Sleeping all night is such an amazing experience! Yay!

Debbie Lafaro

Happy Customer

On several fronts we love our new 3 layer all natural organic latex mattress with the organic wool and cotton cover. First, comfort-wise it is just about perfect. I need a lot of cushioning, and Brandon worked with us to customize the layers for the perfect configuration. Even though it’s very cushiony, my husband finds there is also plenty of support and we are both sleeping great. Second, being chemical-free was very important to us and we are happy to know that there is no off-gassing going on. It feels quite luxurious. I’ll end by saying the experience of selecting and purchasing our new matress was great because of the personalized service from Brandon. Thank you, Sleeping Organic, for making this great product available!

Wendy Mowrer


With the friendliest of services, excellence in communications, the Sleeping Organic team are experts in bedding with great quality materials, with a passion and integrity for the healthy lifestyle they represent, affirm, and provide. They made sure I purchased the right bed for me. They also made sure the mattress arrived safely at my flat. I’m sleeping happily. Dreaming sweetly. Thank you so much!!!


2 Layer Sprout

We purchased this mattress several months ago and have it without a box spring on slats with a platform style bed. It’s been great, firm enough that for a couple movement isn’t a issue at all and I’ve never slept better. No weird smells or odors. It is a bit heavier than mattresses we’ve had in the past so just be aware if moving the mattress you will need two able bodied individuals. We love our mattress from Sleeping Organic.


Absolute dream…

My fiancé and I bought a king size organic mattress from Sleeping Organic six months ago, and we both agree that is has been one of the best purchases we have ever made! The bed is an absolute dream. It is extremely comfortable, and with the ability to organize the 3 multi layered bed, it is the perfect balance between soft and firm for the two of us. The only problem now is having to get out of it in the morning!


The Leaf 3 Layer King

I bought an organic king size mattress from Brandon and Chris about 6 months ago. WOW!!! I can’t believe I’ve been sleeping on anything different. I’m not the one that has a problem falling asleep; however, the quality of my rest is not always what I desire. After switching to an organic latex mattress, I find my sleeps to be more restful. I wake up less and dream more. AS a result, I feel more rejuvenated and more energized in the morning. The mattress has a certain amount of softness and the right amount of support leaving by body refreshed, not achy, in the morning. If you don’t have one, stop wasting your time. GO NOW!!

Johnny Stuhr

I always had a difficult time sleeping…

I’ve always had a difficult time sleeping well. For the longest time I accepted it as simply the way I was. I recently purchased this mattress, and it has changed my life. I’m sleeping better than I have ever slept in my life. Furthermore, I had an antique bed that was not a standard size. The staff at Sleeping Organic were extremely helpful in ensuring that my custom mattress was made in the proper size and set-up properly once it arrived. I can’t recommend this mattress and Sleeping Organic enough. I tell everyone about my wonderful new dream bad. You won’t regret this purchse!!!



SLEEPtastic! Absolutely the finest mattress we have ever owned. It conforms to your body position with superior support, equally matched with comfort–all conducive to a full night of quality rest. A great beginning for the next day!
We highly recommend this mattress.

Janice and Jerry Price

I no longer wake up in pain

My wife and I are very pleased with our new mattress from Sleeping Organic. We visited a number of mattress showrooms and looked at dozens of mattresses, including traditional spring and memory foam mattresses. The problem was we couldn’t find one we both found comfortable. When we explained our situation to Chris and Brandon at Sleeping Organic, they recommended the Split Firmness Latex mattress. This mattress has been great! I no longer wake up in the night with back pain and leg cramps and my wife is sleeping better too. I highly recommend the split firmness latex mattress and working with Sleeping Organic was a pleasure.

Barry B.

Excellent customer service

We purchased the 3 Layer Leaf about 6 months ago and since then sent several friends and family that we have let sleep on our mattress to Sleeping Organic. This mattress has been amazing for my husbands bad back. We can not thank you enough for the excellent customer service that we received.

Alex S.

The Sprout Review

I purchased this bed in 2010 and could not be happier with this product. I found the staff to be very friendly and knowledgeable, exceeding every expectation along the way. I will definitely be purchasing my next mattress from Sleeping Organic.

Ben R.

Absolutely delighted

Tess, Alex, Pat and staff-Just wanted to write to thank you for all your assistance. I’m absolutely delighted with the full-sized extra-extra firm latex mattress topper/organic cotton cover I purchased recently. It’s extremely comfortable-firm yet supportive-and I’m sleeping better than ever-love it!
Best regards
Lois B.

Louis B.

I just want to let

I just want to let you know that the mattress arrived yesterday and I assembled it last night. Even the sensory experience of smelling the lanolin as I put it together was delightful. And then sleeping on it last night was awesome. Thank you so much for helping me figure out the right combination of layers. It is perfect. And I LOVE the pillows. Honestly, I would have never bought them on my own, so thank you for adding them as a bonus – they were prefect for my side sleeping style. I have to tell you that I bought a costco mattress over the weekend for my guest room (and so that I would have something to sleep on until this mattress arrived) and the smell from it made my eyes burn and my sinuses hurt. Not so with this mattress. No off-gassing at all (of course), just a really nice wool smell. This is exactly the mattress I was hunting for – just basic ingredients, no petrochemicals, and really comfy. I was so nervous ordering a mattress online without trying it, but you made that easier on the phone by walking me through the layer options and now I can confirm that you know your mattress layers and nailed it. Thank you SO much!!!

Evan Center

Best $$ Can Buy

This is the best bed $ can buy. Quality and comfort can’t be beat. Love it.

Ellyn K

In love with my bed!!

I purchased a king bed about 9 months ago and am completely in love with it. My only regret is that I didn’t find this product years ago. I am a side sleeper and my hips ache after about 3 hours in my former bed. I would sleep on one side for 3 hours, turn and sleep on the other for 3 hours and then have to get out of bed. Now I can stay in bed as long as I want and sleep uninterrupted. My husbands side is firmer than mine but he is very happy with his configuration as well. My son recently tried it out and prefers the firmer side so I just ordered a queen for him. What a difference a great night’s sleep makes. Don’t waste any further time searching for a bed. Your solution is Sleeping Organic!!

Donna Eberhardt

I have now purchased an organic dunlop latex mattress for every bed in our home

I had wanted to go organic with our mattresses for a long time. About 15 years ago I had bought an organic cotton mattress, even though I liked it, I had a lot of arthritis pain, which I thought was part of the course of the condition. I found your site and read and researched all it contained, I bought my first organic dunlop mattress and the difference, from day one, is simply overwhelming. have not had any pain, cramping, waking up in the middle of the night since I started sleeping on your mattress.
I truly thought this was too good to be true and held off with a review, but 60 some days into the experience I can say that I am most happy with your product. I have now bought an organic dunlop latex mattress for every bed in our home and highly recommend your product.
The customer service is also outstanding. My numerous questions were answered with unfailing courteousness and the delivery problem we had was resolved incredibly fast.
Regards sincere,

Regine Nickel

LOVE my Sleeping Organic Mattress

I’ve been sleeping on the Tree for a little over a year now and I’m still so impressed by the quality and comfort of my Sleeping Organic mattress that I decided to write a review! I am so grateful for this clean, crazy-comfortable, cozy, 100% natural latex mattress and I want to detail why.

In 2014 I purchased a memory foam mattress. Within days I was waking up congested with headaches and a mild wheeze. I attributed my symptoms to allergies, but they progressively worsened (as did my quality of sleep). With much research, I discovered the copious amounts of undisclosed and unregulated chemicals used in memory foam manufacturing. I learned about mandated chemical fire retardants and how they are known carcinogens. My research exposed all of the nasty ingredients in standard mattresses: pesticides, chemical fire retardants, plasticizes, VOC?s and the like. Studies are finding concentrated amounts of these chemicals in the body; when you think about the amount of time you spend sleeping, it all starts to make sense. I felt deceived and nauseated? My children grew up sleeping on these types of standard foam mattresses and not once did anyone disclose the possible risks.
I’ve never been a hippie, far from it in fact. The organic movement wasn’t my cup of tea? But all of this research led me to Sleeping Organic. When I realized there was a healthy, chemical free (and CUSTOMIZABLE) mattress option available for a BETTER price than what I paid to sleep on a toxic cesspool, I knew I had to give it a shot.
The Sleeping Organic teams customer care and expertise was OUTSTANDING (and trust me when I say I’m not the easiest customer). It was such a delight to work with kind and knowledgeable people (especially after dealing with a poplar memory foam company who will remain nameless). Better than the customer service was the product itself. Immediately I was sleeping all night, every night and waking up feeling refreshed (instead of borderline sick, achy and exhausted). My aches, pains and allergies dissipated, and my quality of sleep immediately improved! Sleeping Organics? mattress was literally the cure. I now have a vast appreciation for the organic movement, for great customer service, and for quality made in the USA? products.
THANK YOU SLEEPING ORGANIC! You’ll be hearing from me around the holiday’s as it’s time to get my kids on this Sleeping Organic train!

With gratitude, Nan.

Nancy H.

I wish I describe my experience with Sleeping organic bed

I purchased a king bed about 9 months ago and am completely in love with it. My only regret is that I didn’t find this product years ago. I am a side sleeper and my hips ache after about 3 hours in my former bed. I would sleep on one side for 3 hours, turn and sleep on the other for 3 hours and then have to get out of bed. Now I can stay in bed as long as I want and sleep uninterrupted. My husbands side is firmer than mine but he is very happy with his configuration as well. My son recently tried it out and prefers the firmer side so I just ordered a queen for him. What a difference a great night’s sleep makes. Don’t waste any further time searching for a bed. Your solution is Sleeping Organic!!

Rita Thomas

Great mattress!

I;ve been sleeping on my new mattress for just about 1 month, and love it!
I originally ordered a dunlop firm base, dunlop medium core, and a dunlop medium top layer. I slept on it this way for a few weeks, but made the decision to exchange the top layer for a dunlop soft. I am pleased with my decision. After only one night, I can tell the difference it makes, especially when laying on my side. I am 5 7 1/2, about 132 lbs, so I really didn’t need to have such a super firm top layer. I would say when laying on the bed, the new soft layer feels a bit firmer, than when you kneel on it. If you are not a larger person, you may consider trying the firm-med-soft configuration. Still supportive. In addition to praising the product, I must give a shout out to the staff. I called the office several times through the purchasing and exchange process, and spoke with Alex, Tess, Brandon, and Chris. They were all very accommodating to my needs and requests: a very friendly, helpful, honest, and straight forward staff. I even had an interaction with Matt in the warehouse, and he was super helpful too.! The mattress is rather heavy, and you must be careful not to pull it too hard, as it might tear. I found that I was coordinated enough on my own to assemble, but if you have health issues with your back or a weak upper body, you may not want to tackle on your own..
PS.. the top cover smell will go away…
– Best.


Definitely a good buy

First time since about 2008 that I've woken up without stiffness and back pain. Got injured doing MCMAP in the Marine Corps. Anyways, we got everything off of a semi and it was boxed up on a pallet. It took me about 35 to 45 minutes to get everything built per the instructions. After that my back was Inflamed and sore. I took a shower, hopped in bed and fell asleep. Woke up with absolutely no stiffness and no pain, which is strange because I deal with both stiffness and pain everyday. I recommend this bed to anyone that has a back injury or deals with inflammation lower back pain.


Love it

This mattress is one of the best things we have ever purchased. We were just about to buy a more conventional mattress when we got cold feet about sleeping on who-know-what kind of chemicals. We were nervous about making such an enormous purchase online and untested, but it was a fantastic decision. The bed is so incredibly luxurious and comfortable and even better than I thought it might be.


We just purchased our 4th

We just purchased our 4th bed from Sleeping Organic. Every time we have had fantastic customer service. The beds have arrived as expected and pretty quickly. They are so comfortable. And I feel confident putting my family on these clean beds without all the dangerous chemicals and flame retardants.


Can I give 6 stars???

I have been sleeping on a three layer king for 2 years now. Back then, i did 2 full weeks of full time research online to find the best mattress in the world. I used sleep-like-the-dead.org for my data and reviews. I am a scientist / biologist, so i took literally everything into account. All facts pointed me here to sleeping organic in south carolina.
Then it was time to talk with the company. Chris and Alex and Tess could not have been more patient with all of my million questions, and it is clear that they live and breathe their beds which i think they all sleep on at home too. They are not about the sales shmaltz; they just want everyone’s sleep to be saved and brought back to life.
Now, so do I. I tell everyone on Earth (with no benefit to me) that this is the mattress that our natural material bodies were meant to sleep on- no metal, no chemicals, no frictions. I tell everyone it’s like sleeping atop Jello; it’s floating support; in every aspect. My mother is a retired physical therapist who is now a senior and has gone through her own inoperable hip, and back surgeries. She says swappable layers make it easy to recover from surgery using one firmness and then swap layers back to what the normal body needs once you are recovered.
We are however also highly chemically sensitive. Mom allergic to ALL smells. And even SHE is not set off by the organic mattress layers. I deboxed the layers outside of the house for offgassing i knew would happen regardless of claims. to my shock, i didnt need to leave them outside. nothing noxious, so i brought them inside on the day they arrived!
Also, last year we had a nasty extended power outage here in New England. Friends in town and their kids needed to stay with us or at hotel! Seriously, my 6 layers of king bed turned into 6 beds on the floor for a few nights and everyone was comfortable!!! what kind of bed can say that !!??? And according to a New York showroom who sells these kinds of bed (i went there for a 2 hr trial but bought in SC because cheaper down there!) these beds can last 30 years and be giving to your kids in your will…. what a smart investment… Everyone in my family tries out my bed and then buys one after only 1 night of experience on it. parents, aunt… my boss is next : )
This is a bed like none we have ever seen in this country. I have rich friends who have a $5000 temperpedic bed in their GUEST room, and my S.O. bed is even better, on many scores, than that one. Welcome to the new age. Seriously, you;d be crazy to get any other bed. No material that man can invent can do it better than nature already has… and with such a VERSATILE tool, our beds can change WITH us… as needs change. Who could ask for more.


Comfortably Organic

My wife and I decided to go with organic bedding for a healthier lifestyle and comfortable sleep. Sleeping Organic offers configurable sleep options for each mattress side and friendly staff with helpful suggestions. After a bit of reconfiguration, we sleeping better.


Great store-great personnel!

I drove 4.5 hours to get to this store. It is the closest one to me that offers a 45 day no question asked refund. I have severe allergies to all mattresses made after 2008. It is such that it closes up my throat and I can’t breath. When I decided to update and replace my 10+ yr mattress, I discovered my problem. After 6 mos of chaos, I discovered Sleeping Organic on line. Tess, as well as Alex, were more than understanding in trying to help me. They went above and beyond to insure me that I had the opportunity to smell a mattress straight from the factory. Their professionalism and knowledge of the product is greatly appreciated. I bought the organic mattress and adjustable frame. I can hardly wait to have it delivered and set up. Thank you again for everything. I can rest assured that should there be any problem that they will assist me to make it right ; politely and respectfully-professionally.

June N.

Thank you! Its Perfect!

I want to thank you for the mattress we bought from you; it’s the perfect comfort level for us. I also want to thank you for the clear instructions (esp the video), which made it a piece of cake to put together. I think the best hint was the technique of jiggling; the upper layer to get it to shift sideways. I was very quickly able to get it to shift as little as a quarter inch at a time, almost effortlessly.
Keep up the good work, and thanks again.
Joel E

Joel E


June here with the rest of the story. The Dunlop organic mattress was great from the beginning. The adjustable frame had a chemical smell when box was opened. I knew that in the store I had smelt nothing. I put the frame out in my garage with fans blowing over it towards the window to allow it to air out. After 2 weeks , the smell was completely gone. I did notify Tess the minute I had a problem with the smell. She encouraged me to keep her in the loop as to how I wanted to proceed. She would be glad to pick it up if necessary. Thankfully within a reasonable time, the smell dissipated. Sleeping Organic is an awesome store with great people there willingly to help. So glad I found them and made the 4.5 hr trip to have a great mattress and adjustable frame to enjoy at this time. Many thanks,

June N.
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