Synthetic vs. Natural Latex

The rubber latex which is used for mattresses and toppers is all originally tapped from rubber trees. After tapping the rubber trees the latex is either manufactured into a consistent product through a Dunlop or Talalay process. Before the finished latex mixture is poured into the molds for these two processes, the latex can have fillers, such as polyurethane and chemicals added to the latex to cut down on cost. When these fillers are added, synthetic latex is the final product. Synthetic latex is a blend of latex and fillers which make the synthetic latex less durable and more carcinogenic.

Natural Latex can also contain fillers and most natural latex mattresses do. Actually, most Natural Latex in the mattress marketplace is synthetic. Companies can call latex, Natural Latex as long as there is a certain percentage of natural latex in the synthetic blend. So when shopping for truly Natural Latex make sure it is 100% natural latex as opposed to say 50% natural latex disguised as just Natural Latex.The cost of 100% Natural Latex will be more but the durability and health benefits are worth every penny.

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