Best Latex Mattresses for Back Sleepers

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Best Latex Mattresses for Back Sleepers

Are you a back sleeper looking for the perfect mattress? Look no further than a latex mattress. Latex mattresses can be made extremely firm making them very heavy duty and long lasting. You can expect a firm or extra firm latex mattress to last for 30 years. Especially if it is made from Dunlop latex.  You will want to avoid Talalay latex as it is made for a soft feel.

Why Latex Mattresses Are Great for Back Sleepers

Why are latex mattresses a great choice for back sleeping?

1. Back Support

Latex mattresses are known for their excellent back support. This is due in their inherent firmness and the fact that there are no coils or springs to absorb weight or sink into. This helps maintain proper spinal alignment and reduces pressure on the body when sleeping on your back. The trick here is to find a latex mattress that is firm enough for your needs.

Look for a firm or extra firm Dunlop latex mattress. The thinner the mattress is, the firmer it will be.  We recommend our 7-inch model for people that are serious back sleepers or like a very firm mattress. Here’s an example of our 7-inch sprout model. Click here.

2. No Coils

No coil mattresses are great for back sleepers as traditional inner spring mattresses are going to give and compress when weight is applied. Thats what they do and the coils main function. True firm loving back sleepers are looking for a mattress that doesn’t give. A firm latex mattress will do this for them.

3. Long-Lasting

Firm latex mattresses are very heavy duty! Making them a great long-term investment for back sleepers. They can last up to 30 years or more, which is significantly longer than other types of mattresses. The longevity of Dunlop latex is due to the manufacturing process of Dunlop. In the baking/pasteurization of the latex sap from the rubber tree they use the most amount of latex to pour into the mold to make the firm and extra firm latex. This also means that the soft Dunlop latex has less actual rubber in it, less parts per million if you will. So, the firm and extra firm Dunlop layers and cores are the densest of the latex making them very resistant to wear and tear.

4. Adjustable Firmness

Another great benefit of a latex mattress for back sleeping is the ability to increase the firmness of the mattress. For our most firm mattress, as stated above we recommend the 2 layer, 7-inch mattress. Typically, with a firm as the top layer and an extra firm as the bottom layer. So, these layers can be switched by removing the zip off mattress encasement and rotating the layers, putting the extra-firm on top of the firm layer.

5. Aesthetically Pleasing

Even though we highly recommend our most thin 7-inch mattress for serious back sleepers, you can choose to make a 10-inch mattress or 13-inch mattress firm and suitable for a firm feeling back sleeping mattress. A lot of times your headboard or platform bed might require a wider mattress. If this is the case, simply construct your mattress out of firm and extra firm latex layers. For example, firm Dunlop over extra firm Dunlop over extra firm Dunlop over extra firm Dunlop. This will give you the firm mattress you want with the thickness you desire. In a 10-inch model you could do firm Dunlop over extra firm Dunlop over extra firm Dunlop.

*Please note that if you haven’t ever slept on a latex mattress before, know that latex mattresses are more firm than conventional mattresses. That being said a popular firm configuration is medium Dunlop over firm Dunlop over extra firm Dunlop.

Choosing the Right Firm Latex Mattress

When choosing a firm latex mattress for back sleepers, there are a few key factors to consider.

Firmness Level

The firmness level of a mattress is crucial for back sleepers. We’ve talked a lot about varying levels of firmness in this article. The firmness you choose comes down to your sleep style which in this case we have focused on back sleepers. The level of firmness also comes down to your weight, knowing that the more you weight the firmer you will want the latex to be. Here’s a simple questionnaire you can fill out to get a firm mattress recommendation. Click here.


Although we have discussed this in detail previously, it’s good to point out that thickness of a mattress helps determine the firmness. If you’re looking for a firm feel look for a thinner mattress which will save you money too. If you need a thicker mattress, you can make firm but when it comes to a firm latex mattress, less is more.

Check out Hybrid Latex Mattresses to Save Money

Hybrid latex mattresses are less expensive than an all 100% natural latex mattress. And are made with a 6- or 8-inch pocketed coil unit with a 3-inch layer of medium or firm latex on top is a great option for back sleepers. The pocketed coil units are very firm, most of them anyway so they can be very supportive. However, they do give a minimum contour shape for the spine. Most chiropractors like this hybrid latex mattress for their patients and it comes recommended as it’s also good on the wallet.

The downside to hybrid mattresses is the inability to adjust layers or customize. However, make sure you look for one with a zip off mattress cover so you can change the top 3-inch latex layer if need be.

It’s good to speak with a sleep specialist about your personal sleep details, such as, weight, type of sleeper and firmness level you typically prefer.

Here’s a video on Why to Choose a Latex Mattress! Click here.