Best Latex Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

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Best Latex Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

Although we would like to start this article off on a positive note, it’s important to say that stomach sleeping is probably the worse sleep position due to its strain on the neck and therefor the cascading effect on the spine and the rest of the body. Any good chiropractor will tell you this and will do their best to convince to change into a different sleeping pattern.

So, let’s start there. If you’re a stomach sleeper, making the change to side sleeping or back sleeping will do wonders for improving any physical neck, back or upper body that you might experience when sleeping or in the waking hours.

Latex Mattresses for Stomach Sleepers

If you are going to sleep on your stomach a latex mattress is a great option because of its natural and organic components. Reducing harsh chemical exposure from synthetics, unnatural quilting fibers and off-gassing foams like poly foam and memory foam.

In our showroom experience, we tend to see stomach sleepers prefer a slightly firmer top layer like a medium with a somewhat softer configuration of support layers. A stomach sleeping configuration would be medium Dunlop on top, over soft Dunlop over medium Dunlop on the bottom.

Here’s some information on the two types of 100% natural latex. Click here.

We have a few different theories are why this configuration is popular among stomach sleepers, but the initial idea is that a firmer top layer seems to feel supportive enough for their neck and the softer middle layer seems to give them a desired cushion. In other words, stomach sleepers like to feel the top of the mattress to be supportive while the rest of the mattress has a little give.

The top 2 layers of any latex mattress will be the layers of initial cushion that the sleeper will feel. The bottom layers are designed to be support layers.

Build a latex mattress. Click here.

Benefits of a Latex Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

1. Made with Organic and Natural Materials

All of the components of an organic latex mattress are typically made with 3 ingredients. Organic cotton, wool and latex. This simple combination of components is all natural and is manufactured without synthetics or additives. This greatly decreasing allergic responses to the mattress material and other sensitives.

2. Customizable Configurations

Probably the greatest benefit associated with a latex mattress is the ability to change the firmness level of the mattress after you have received the mattress and have been sleeping on it. This is found with latex mattresses that are made with 3-inch layers or toppers and a zip off cover. You can simply rotate the bottom layers up and the top layers down to increase the firmness of the mattress.

Here’s a short video on latex mattress assembly so you can see how to set one up. Click here.

3. Long Lasting

Latex is one of the longest lasting materials to use in the construction of a mattress to make it last a long time. Choosing a latex mattress with good firm support layers you will those layers lasting up to 20 or 30 years. The softer layers don’t last as long. And Dunlop is stronger and more resilient that Talalay.

4. Easy to Move and Store

One of the least talked about benefits of a latex mattress, whether for a side, stomach or back sleeper is the ability for the mattress to stored easily and efficiently. Typically, a conventional mattress is cumbersome, bulky and sticks out like a sore thumb. With a latex mattress that is designed with the zip off cover and 3-inch layers of latex, each layer can be folded in half, rolled up and bagged. Normally, we recommend an extra-large heavy duty trash bag for each latex layer.

This makes it so you can carry one latex layer at a time to the car or moving vehicle at a time. The cover, mattress protector, sheets and pillows can also go into the trash bags for moving or stowing. You could fit the bagged-up mattress in a closet easily.

How to Choose the Best Latex Mattress for Stomach Sleepers

1. Custom Firmness Level

Look for a latex mattress with the ability to take off and remove the mattress encasement or cover so that you can adjust the latex layers if need be.

2. Look for His and Her or His and His, Her and Her Comfort Adjustability

A lot of time sleep partners like a different firmness. With a split latex mattress, they can each have their own firmness unique to their individual preferences. We offer this in a queen size but more regularly suggest a king size for a split. The queen size is almost too small to have a comfortable split mattress.

3. Choose the Right Mattress Thickness

In purchasing a mattress, thickness or width matters. The thinner the latex mattress is the firmer it will be and vice versa. A thicker mattress like a 13-inch mattress will be softer or can be made and constructed softer since it is made with more latex. More latex will allow for more cushioning and more sink.

4. Make sure your Latex Mattress is Properly Supported

Everyone knows that the key to a strong and stable house is the foundation. When it comes to a heavy latex mattress the same point is true. Your latex mattress must be properly supported to prevent any sagging. Sometimes, people try to get away with an old box spring as support for their new latex mattress and this can cause their mattress to dip and sag.

Latex mattresses, especially the thicker ones are two times and sometimes three times heavier than a conventional mattress. Therefore, they need a solid foundation, no typical box spring will work. Look for a solid wood foundation like the one found here.

5. Find a Company that Offers a Comfort Exchange

In the mattress world, there are a lot of different options when it comes to what mattress manufacturers will offer in terms of returns and exchanges. With a layered latex mattress that is customizable you know you can create any firmness you desire. So once, you decide to good with a latex mattress for all it innate benefits making sure it can be customized further is important.

So, besides the fact, that you can adjust all the layers of your mattress once you have it home and setup, it’s important to be able to order another latex layer either shortly after setting up your mattress to make sure it’s just right or being able to order one to a change a layer out a few years down the road. This is what we term a comfort exchange.