Best Latex Topper for Stomach Sleepers

topper for stomach sleeper
Best Latex Topper for Stomach Sleepers

Latex is a natural and organic rubber that offers the best material for comfort and support, making it an ideal choice for any mattress and any type of sleeper. However, in this article we will focus on the best latex toppers for stomach sleepers.

Why Latex Toppers Are Great for Stomach Sleepers

From our 20 odd years of selling toppers and mattresses we have discovered that side sleepers tend to like a slightly firmer sleeping surface with some cushion underneath. To get an idea of this concept, we look to the custom latex mattress with multiple layers of different firmness’s.

The typical stomach sleeper would like a medium top layer(topper) and soft middle layer and a firm bottom layer. It’s a unique combination, which makes sense because stomach sleepers are quite unique as most people sleep on their side or back.

So, it’s for this reason that most stomach sleeper latex mattress topper recommendations are for a medium firmness. That being said, some stomach sleepers will opt for different firmness based on other preferences or needs buying a firm or extra firm topper to improve the conditions of an old mattress that has been wore down and become too soft and uncomfortable.

Addressing all of Your General Latex Topper Questions and Concerns

Explore the Benefits and Reasons on Why to Choose a Latex Topper.

Looking to understand more about the benefits of latex toppers? Once you click on the link scroll a third of the way down and find the detailed section on Why to Choose a Latex Topper.

Helpful hints on How to Choose the Best Latex Topper.

This is great article on things to be aware of when purchasing a new latex topper. Once you’ve opened the article on choosing the best latex mattress topper you will see the information towards the bottom of the page.

List of 8 Ways to Care for and Maintain your Latex Topper.

Since latex toppers are more expensive than other toppers on the market it’s important know how to take care of your topper. At the end of this article from the link above we explore all the aspects of care and maintenance of your natural topper.

Latex Topper Warranty Information

It’s important when shopping for a new latex mattress topper that you find a company that offers a warranty. Most companies will of a warranty, but some do not. A lot of times you might find a cheaper price for a similar topper but if offers no warranty.

Most 100% natural rubber topper warranties are guaranteed for 5 years which you should far exceed especially if you maintain and care for your topper properly.

Here’s our latex mattress topper warranty information: “All toppers include a full 5-year warranty against manufacturer defects and dipping and sagging greater than 1.25″ Rips, tears, sun damage, soil damage, smoke damage, mold and mildew are not covered under warranty. Click here to view a PDF of complete topper warranty details.”

In Summary

Latex mattress toppers are a great choice for stomach sleepers, providing the supportive sleeping surface they typically desire. When choosing the right topper for you, consider the many factors such as the pros and cons as well as the benefits to picking a latex topper.  With the right topper, you can wake up feeling decongested from not breathing in off-gassing chemicals, refreshed and well-rested every morning.

Here’s a short video on Why to Choose a Sleeping Organic mattress or topper.