Best Latex Toppers – Quick Reference Guide

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Best Organic Latex and Natural Latex Toppers
This is a quick and easy reference guide to point you to the right information that you are looking for about latex toppers. So, in other words this is a directory. We break this guide down based on the type of sleep preference you have and well as areas of discomfort.
The different links explore the ins and outs of buying a new latex mattress topper. Each article has different information and is each worth a read to help fully understand all that a latex topper has to offer.
Latex mattress toppers warranties, tips for purchasing, care instructions and much more are covered in these articles. Hope this points you in the right direction!

How to Choose the Right Topper for You Based on Your Personal Needs

1.  Choosing the Best Latex Topper for Side Sleepers

2.  Choosing the Best Latex Topper for Back Sleepers

3.  Choosing the Best Latex Topper for Stomach Sleepers

4. Best Latex Topper for Shoulder and Hip Discomfort

5. Best Latex Topper for Back and Neck Discomfort


The Types of Latex Available for Latex Toppers

1. Dunlop Latex

2. Talalay Latex

3. 100% Natural Dunlop Latex vs. 100% Natural GOLS Certified Latex

4. Synthetic Latex vs Natural Latex vs Certified Organic Latex

5. A Short Video Breaking Down the Differences Between Dunlop and Talalay Latex 


Latex Topper FAQ’s

At the bottom of the page from the link above we cover some frequently asked questions about latex mattress toppers.


Why a buy or try a latex topper? Insights from our owner…

Hi! I’m Brandon and one of the founders of Sleeping Organic. It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 20 years since we started this company. I wanted to share a few personal insights on why I love latex mattresses and latex toppers.

When I was in college my father, who was in the furniture business gifted me a memory foam mattress. It was amazing. It healed up my lower back, which was destroyed from years of growing up, sleeping on an unsupportive innerspring mattress.

Then shortly after college when I was exploring an international trade show with my dad I was introduced to latex. I was very intrigued by latex, especially in the inherent natural properties and the fact that it was sourced from a rubber tree.

This was before we started manufacturing our latex mattresses, so I ordered one for our showroom and then got one for my house. I couldn’t believe it! It was more luxurious and more comfortable than the memory foam mattress my dad had given me that I was super attached to.

And the rest is history. I was sold and latex, more specially 100% natural latex as they hadn’t started certifying it organic back then.

If you have never tried a latex topper, do yourself a favor and give it a go! You’ll be happy you did. And once you love the topper, moving into a latex mattress starts to make a lot of sense. Thanks for reading and we hope this reference guide helps you!  If you ever have any questions feel free to call or email and reach out.

Aloha! Brandon

Here’s a video with me about Why I Started Sleeping Organic.