California King Latex Mattresses – Why are they Glued?

California king latex mattress
Why are California King Latex Mattresses Glued?
Are you shopping for a best California king latex mattress or latex topper? Did you just find out that it is glued. Or maybe you order a Cal-King mattress or topper only to find out that it is glued!

When shopping for the perfect clean latex topper or latex mattress, one may come across a variety of construction methods, especially when looking at latex mattresses. A common question arises: Why are California King latex mattresses often glued together? This article delves into the specifics of California King latex mattresses, the reasons behind the use of adhesives.

Understanding California King Latex Mattresses

The California King size is a popular choice for those who are tall, typically 6’1 and over that need a little extra length in their mattress. Making the mattress longer and slightly narrower than a standard Eastern King. Latex mattresses, on the other hand, are known for their comfort, durability, and eco-friendly properties. They are made from either natural or synthetic rubber and offer a unique combination of support and pressure relief.

Benefits of California King Latex Mattresses

Latex mattresses come with a range of benefits. They are inherently hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, making them a great choice for allergy sufferers. Moreover, latex is a breathable material, ensuring a cooler sleep experience. They also provide excellent motion isolation, which is perfect for couples sharing a bed.

The Gluing Process

When it comes to California King mattresses, manufacturers often glue together multiple layers of latex, or they glue inner springs units or pocketed coil units or poly foam cores and memory foam layers to each other.  Creating the desired thickness and firmness.

This is particularly true for mattresses that are enclosed and don’t have a zip off cover to allow you to actually see what’s inside of the mattress. So, there is no way to reveal the cleanliness and quality of the internal components. Unlike a custom latex mattress where you can see, touch and feel each component that makes the mattress.

We won’t go there in this article, but YouTube has some interesting videos revealing the inside of mattresses. Showing them cut open and revealing some interesting things.

Why Your California King Latex Mattress is Glued

As you may be aware, the latex used in mattresses originates from the Rubber Belt, with Sleeping Organic primarily sourcing from Sri Lanka and southern India. It is on these plantations that they pour and mold the latex into either 6-inch cores or 3-inch layers, which are then used in mattresses.
The plantations have molds in only two sizes: King and Queen. To our knowledge, there are no California King molds. Therefore, to create a California King size, manufacturers must trim the width of a King size latex piece and adhere the trimmed section to the bottom of the cut piece. Consequently, a California King size latex mattress will have a glued bottom section.
We employ the cleanest and safest adhesive available, yet it remains a glued product.

Glue on California King Latex Toppers

The same reason that the California King Size Latex mattress layers are glued together to make the right length at the bottom holds true for Cal-King latex toppers as well. So when shopping for a Cal-King latex topper, know that it will be glued.

Why Glue?

The use of adhesives in latex mattresses serves several purposes:

  • To Form a Cal-King Size – the main reason for using glue is to make the Cal-king size of latex.
  • Stability: Gluing layers together prevents components from shifting or sliding apart.
    • A custom latex mattress doesn’t have this problem because the raw latex layers stacked on top of each other are tacky and stick together. Never moving.
  • Customization: By gluing different types of latex (such as Dunlop and Talalay) and other materials can be infused together. Manufacturers can create a mattress with a unique feel that can cater to a wide range of sleepers.
  • Durability: A well-glued mattress will help it maintain its structural integrity over time.

Selecting the Right Adhesive

The type of adhesive used is crucial. Most quality mattress manufacturers use water-based, non-toxic glues that have minimal impact on the environment and are safe for consumers. The glue is applied sparingly between layers to ensure that it does not affect the overall comfort and performance of the mattress. More on adhesives and glues used in mattresses. 

Considerations for Buyers

When purchasing a California King latex mattress, it’s important to inquire about the glue used in the construction process. Buyers should look for certifications that indicate the mattress is free from harmful chemicals and meets high environmental standards.


The gluing of layers in California King latex mattresses is common. Manufacturers have to trim king size latex layers at the side, decreasing the width of a regular king size and then glue them to the bottom increasing the length to make a Cal-King size.

If you have any questions about latex mattresses or other bedding products, feel free to reach out for more information. Your comfort and safety are paramount when choosing the right mattress for a restful night’s sleep.