How long do Latex Mattresses last?

We often get the question How well does latex hold up over time?? and Will the latex eventually leave an indentation over time?? Below I have posted the results of our 100% Natural Latex resilience test showing just how well it holds up over time. I will attempt to break down these numbers so you dont have to pull out your calculator.

Subject: 6? 100% Natural Dunlop Latex Core
How the test was done: 150lb impression weight. Similiar to an average human. The test was done in two stages at 30 and 60,000 strokes. An initial test of 200 strokes was done to compare the difference between a new latex core before and after the 60,000 impressions.

Change in height: After 60,000 impressions. There was a 1.4mm loss in height. 60,000 Impressions is the equivilant of laying down and getting back up every day of the year for 134 years! Below is a milimeter chart just so you can see how small the loss is.


Change in hardness: After 30,000 impressesions there was a 2% change in hardness. This is the break in period. After another 30,000 impressions there was only a 1% change in hardness
Conclustion: Latex is one of the most resiliant materials used in mattress manafacturing today. You can rest assured (no phun intented) you will enjoy years of consistant sleep night after night.