***Note: The picture is of our old showroom 2015-2020, the new showroom is coming soon.

Charleston, South Carolina’s only Factory Direct all 100% Organic Latex and Natural Mattress Showroom 

In 2020, we decided to close our showroom to the public and continue fulfillment online nationwide through our website.

Since then, we have received countless phone calls and inquiries to visit our showroom and try out our mattresses and toppers. 

As of May 15, 2022 we have showroom samples available to try out in our new showroom. Please call or email for an appointment. 

We have these models on warehouse display: 

4 Layer Tree – “Soft Feel”

Top Layer – Soft Talalay

Second Layer –  Soft Talalay 

Third Layer – Medium Talalay 

Fourth Layer – Firm Talalay 

3 Layer Leaf – “Soft Medium Feel”

Top Layer –  Soft Talalay

Second Layer – Medium Dunlop 

Third Layer –  Firm Dunlop 

Soft Talalay Topper on Display to try as well one top of any of the mattress configurations

4 Layer Tree – “Medium Feel”

Top Layer – Soft Dunlop

Second Layer – Medium Dunlop 

Third Layer – Firm Dunlop 

Fourth Layer – Extra Firm Dunlop 

3 Layer Leaf – “Firm Feel”  

Top Layer – Medium Dunlop

Second Layer – Firm Dunlop

Third Layer – Extra Firm Dunlop

*Unfortunately, due to location we will not move any layers around and customize on site. Once the new showroom opens we will let you customize and rotate layers. This temporary setup is to help give you a good sense of our different mattress configuration feels and composition. 

***Warehouse showroom appointments are by appointment only. Please email cs@sleepingorganic.com to set an appointment. 

Current appointment times are available Monday – Saturday between 10 am – 4 pm. Depending on time, staff and availability of inventory there is a chance that your mattress or topper could be ready for you to take with you the same day.