Organic Latex Mattress Certifications – What They are and What They Mean

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What Makes a Mattress Organic?

Across the web of the organic mattress market, having the label of “organic” doesn’t mean that the organic latex mattress that you are looking at is in fact a 100% certified organic mattress.  The bottom line is fully certified organic mattresses cost a fortune compared to organic mattresses that are made with all organic components. The fact is they are almost identical expect the more expensive carries organic certifications and the other doesn’t.

Who Certifies Organic Mattresses?

When it comes to choosing a mattress, many people are looking for more than just a comfortable place to sleep. They want a mattress that is made with natural and organic materials, free from harmful chemicals and toxins. But with so many different certifications and labels out there, it can be confusing to know which ones to trust. In this article, we’ll explore who certifies organic mattresses and what to look for when shopping for an organic mattress.

CertiPUR-US Certification

CertiPUR-US certifies foam products used in mattresses. Examples include poly foam, memory foam and latex foam. They are focused on making sure no harmful ingredients are used in the manufacturing of foam, such as PBDE’s and other harsh chemicals. This certification is standard when it comes to producing foam. So, most foam products will have this certificate.

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Greenguard Certification

Greenguard is an expensive test and certificate. It evaluates and certifies the amount of VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) in a completed mattress product.  Since most organic mattress materials are equal, in our opinion this testing is excessive. However, for very sensitive people it provides additional assurance that the mattress they are purchasing is clean.

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Oeko-Tex Standard 100

Oeko-Tex Standard 100 is a manufacturing emission certify that mattress foam manufacturer that is producing the foam or latex that makes up your mattress meets certain emission standards. This certificate has nothing to do with amount of harsh chemicals in your mattresses foam just that the manufacturing plant processing the foam doesn’t exceed a harmful amount of chemicals released into the atmosphere during manufacturing.

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Forest Stewartship Council (FSC)

The Forest Stewardship Council creates and makes the standards for responsible forest management. They ensure forests are managed responsibility, setting guidelines for replanting and harvesting. FSC is the highest standard in forest certification and is supported by groups such as the Sierra Club, Greenpeace and the National Wildlife Federation.  Today, there are some 550 million acres of FSC certified forests in Canada and the US. Your FSC certification will be for the wood components of your organic mattress foundation.

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Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

GOTS is the global standard for certifying that the textiles such as organic cotton and organic wool in your mattress product is as organic as possible.  GOTS also certifies individual company warehouses and manufacturing facilities, making sure that the products and supply chain of mattress components is certified organic. Overseeing, these processes, they also certify the final completed mattress as a GOTs certified organic end mattress product.  This is an extremely expensive certification which increases the organic’s mattresses price by anywhere from 30% – 50% more than an organic mattress made of organic components without the label.

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Global Organic Latex Standard (GOLS)

GOLS is global standard for organic 100% natural Dunlop latex. This certification starts on the latex plantation where the 100% natural organic latex is harvested and separated in process and manufacturing from the other latex on the plantation. GOLS latex is actually made into the latex sheets that make up your mattress in GOLS certified machinery that ensures that your GOLS latex is not produced in a non-certified machine.

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When it comes to choosing an organic mattress, it’s important to look for certifications from reputable organizations such as GOTS and GOLS which are the best certificates in the mattress industry. Just know that you will pay a premium for these certifications. So, it’s important to weight the pros and cons. Does a mattress made with organic components and no certification make sense to me? Or do I want a mattress with as many certifications as I can get.

These certifications ensure that the mattress is truly organic and free from harmful chemicals. It’s also important to consider the other materials used in the mattress and the production process if you are going for a fully certified organic mattress. These could be the metal zippers or plastic zipper or even tape edge and thread used in the mattress. By choosing an organic mattress, you can enjoy a healthier sleeping environment and do your part in protecting the environment.