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Body Pillow (Full size)

We’ve got your back and front and sides. Made of cool organic cotton and temperature-regulating Premium Eco-Wool, this full-sized body pillow is a MUST for side-sleepers and moms-to-be who could use some hip support.

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Serious Full Body Support

Treat yourself to a Full Body Pillow.  This full length pillow is designed for those who like body support.

Amazingly Supportive for Side Sleepers

For side sleepers, hugging a body pillow between your legs and arms can provide excellent support and comfort. That’s why these pillows are a great investment if you sleep on your side most often.

Adds Comfort To Sleeping During Pregnancy

The unmatched support of this pillow makes it essential during pregnancy.

Our Full Body Pillow is filled with Premium Eco-Wool batting and covered with a smooth organic cotton Sateen cover.  Be sure to protect your body pillow with a Body Pillow Case. If you need just a cover, order an extra.

This Product Uses The Following Raw Materials:

This body pillow is made with premium eco-friendly wool batting that’s sources from family farms on the USA’s West Coast as well as organic cotton sateen fabric.

The cotton sateen has a thread count of approximately 300, which gives the body pillow a smooth softness you’ll enjoy night after night!

  • Dimensions & Wool Weight:
    • The Body Pillow 17 x 53?, 3.19 lbs
    • The Body Pillow’s Cover 17 x 53, envelope case