What is a Wall Hugger Adjustable Bed? Best Adjustable Bases for Latex Mattresses

wall hugging adjustable bed with night stand

Best Adjustable Beds and Bases for Latex Mattresses

All adjustable bases go up and down. Some bases are mechanical or manual by operation, meaning you need to move them up and down by hand. Other more modern adjustable beds are electronic, where all the movement happens with the push of a button on your remote control. 

An issue with both the older mechanical adjustable beds (and even some of the newer ones) is how much space they take up, especially when they are raised and lowered.

When the back of an adjustable base moves up or down, there is also the movement of the entire system from front to back. If the foundation is too close to the wall, the bed could push into the wall or headboard. Many people don’t like this fact and are looking for a base that has movement that functions inside of a bed frame. Meaning inside of the headboard/footboard/rail system. Or they can push the mattress and adjustable bases to the wall and have the mattress and base move up and down the wall without getting stuck. That’s what the wall hugger feature is for and that’s where the wall hugger adjustable bed comes into play.

The wall hugger feature is also referred to as the “wall saver” and “wall snuggler” feature.

Adjustable Bed Bases and Sleeping Organic

Here at Sleeping Organic, we love the features and functionality of adjustable bed bases. They pair and work perfectly with our latex mattresses and latex toppers. Learn about all the benefits of latex mattresses and how together with an adjustable bed frame you’ll be snoozing.

Ergomotion Adjustable Bases

If you’d like to skip to our favorite adjustable bases that have wall hugging technology, choose one of these top models:


What Does Wall Hugger Mean?

Enter the popular “wall hugger adjustable base” feature that’s included in many of the top-of-the-line Ergomotion Adjustable Bases. If you want to save space in your bedroom, or want to have your mattress pulled out from the wall and be able to reach your night side table then this is some great technology you’re going to enjoy…

Products with wall hugger/wall saver feature allow you to raise and lower the bed without worrying about hitting the wall or leaving too much room between the wall and your bed. The design of the base includes mobile joints underneath the mattress that keep you in place when you raise or lower the bed position, instead of physically pushing you forward (and away from the wall) when you move the bed. In the case of wall-hugging adjustable beds, the bed stays where it is supposed to, like if you were using a box spring or alternative mattress foundation. 

The wall hugger feature’s positioning is especially important for sleepers using an adjustable mattress with a headboard, footboard, and rail system. If you have a headboard, footboard, and rail system for your mattress then you are going to run into a problem if you buy an adjustable bed that does not have a wall hugger. 

Difficult Positions; The Motion of Adjustable Bases Without Wall Hugger

Adjustable beds that don’t have a wall hugger require you to pull the bed out from the wall by hand in order to take full advantage of the foundation’s functionality. What a pain! This can feel like an even bigger issue when you consider small bedrooms that already have lots of furniture in them, like dressers, nightstands, etc. The large gap between the bed frame and wall really kills the spacious vibe.

Pulling the adjustable bed away from the wall by hand is oftentimes not even possible due to the high weight of the bed frame. 

Even if you’re healthy and in good shape, one person alone cannot simply pull a full or queen size adjustable base even a few inches away from the wall on a night-to-night basis. Even if you’re stronger than the average person, this type of movement puts unnecessary wear and tear on your body, and is an easy way to throw out your lower back…

Shopping for ‘Wallhugger” Adjustable Bases and Foundations

If you found the adjustable bed that you want to purchase and it does not come with a wall hugger, we suggest you please consider choosing a different model that does have a wall hugger/wall saver. 

Doing so will not only result in a more comfortable sleep experience but also greatly improve the functionality of your bedroom!

Sale Pricing & Discount Offers

Yes, adjusting beds with a wall hugger does cost a bit more than those without the feature. But this doesn’t have to stop you from making the purchase. Seeking out sales during major mattress sales Holidays will help you save a bit of cash on your new adjustable base purchase. 

At Sleeping Organic, we offer many sales throughout the year where you can save big on your perfect adjustable bed. If you’d like to purchase a wall hugger adjustable bed with your latex mattress, please contact us directly via email. Larger discounts are often available for king and queen sizes. And remember: a king split size is created by combining two twin XL adjustable bases.

Split king wall hugger adjustable bed, two twin XL example

Wall Hugger Adjustable Beds You’ll Love

Reading reviews available online is suggested before purchase, but below is some helpful information about wall hugger adjusting beds you may also want to consider.

Adjustable Base Features that feel Levels Above the Competition

As thrilling as laying closer to the wall sounds, this surprisingly isn’t the only reason most customers pay a slightly higher price for a wall-hugging adjustable bed… 

Innovative features like lumbar support, head tilt, zero gravity positions, under-bed lighting, convenient USB charging, and overall ease of operation are why these bases are head and shoulders above others on the adjustable bed base market.

1. Find Maximum Comfort with Full Body Massage

It was a long day. Now imagine laying back on your mattress before going to sleep and getting a quality, full-body massage. Sounds perfect for your health and mind, doesn’t it? With a massaging wall hugger adjustable bases by Ergomotion, you can enjoy this deep relaxation every single night, for however long you like!

Ergomotion Quest 4.0 model specifically (which does feature wall-hugging technology), there are separate massage zones for each side of the bed so you and your partner can both enjoy a back massage, just the way you like it. These adjustable bases will massage you from head to toe too, so no area of your body will go without vibrating relief of your pain.

2. The Perfect Zero Gravity Position

The zero-gravity position found on many ‘wall hugger’ adjustable bases, places the sleeper in a pressure-free, almost weightless feeling position.

The zero-gravity setting raises the sleeper’s legs, lowers their torso, and raises their back all at once. This inventive positioning helps improve blood circulation throughout the body, opens air pathways to ease breathing, and decreases pressure on both the back and legs.

It also happens to be the position astronauts take off into space in, as it is the position that creates the lowest resistance to gravity!

man laying in zero gravity position on wall hugging adjustable bed
A beautiful example of the zero-gravity setting, under-bed lighting, and USB charging in one of Ergomotion’s wall-hugging adjustable bed foundations.

3. Pillow Tilt to Raise Your Head

Pillow tilting features seen adjustable bed frames (and those made by other companies) are great for back sleepers who normally enjoy a high loft pillow. 

A wall-hugging bed frame with pillow tilt raises the top portion of the bed that’s above your shoulders to make it possible for your head to be propped up. If you normally use multiple pillows to lift your head while sleeping, the wall hugger’s pillow tilt will eliminate that need with the push of a button. 

On top of the sleeping benefits for those who like having their head lifted up, pillow tilting features make it more enjoyable to watch TV or read while lying in bed!

4. Elevate Your Feet to Mitigate Aches & Pains

Any good wall hugging adjustable bed frame will allow you to elevate your feet, legs, and lower body. After all, this is one of the core reasons many people purchase any type of adjustable bed, so it is safe to assume that the wall hugger category is no different!

Elevating your feet while sleeping helps the body remove lactic acid from your lower extremities, aiding blood circulation back to your heart and throughout the body. 

5. Industry-Leading Design & Style

If you need a new bed frame and would not mind adding an additional few hundred dollars to your budget, then you’ll find the wall-hugging adjustable bases are right there waiting for you… 

The wall hugger adjustable base is truly the adjustable bed category’s king! A big reason for the wall hugger’s popularity is that it guarantees more space for bedroom design. The bases themselves aren’t too bad to look at either, especially compared to original versions of adjustable from years past!

6. Slow Down, Hug the Wall

An adjustable bed that doesn’t take up too much space (a.k.a. half your bedroom) adds a lot of possibilities to your bedroom layout. When your adjustable base hugs the wall, that means more room for the furniture you love, or perhaps an addition of that complimentary headboard you’ve had your eye on.

7. Stay Even with Your Nightstand

A common complaint of adjustable beds without wall hugging technology is that raising the back of the base moves the bed so far forward that they are no longer even with their nightstand. This may sound like a small thing to get annoyed about, but when you spend night after night in these beds, you quickly realize how frustrating it can be. 

The very nature of a wall hugger adjustable bed allows the back and legs to raise and lower without pushing you too far forward, or too far back. This helps you stay directly beside your nightstand, so you no longer need to trade the fantastic benefits of adjustable beds for the convenience of placing a drink (or your cell phone) on the nightstand next to you while sleeping.

8. Under-Bed Lighting

The under-bed lighting on many adjustable bases that hug the wall eliminates your need for bedroom night lights. No more stumbling around the room when you wake up to use the bathroom! Just touch a button to light up the bed’s base or choose to leave it powered on all evening.

under bed lighting on leggett & platt's s-cape 2.0 adjustable bed
Picture of Under Bed Lighting

9. USB Charging Stations for Your Devices

Charging ports for powering your iPhone, Android phone, or any other device is built into many wall-hugging adjustable bed foundations. Larger bed sizes like split king and queen have dual USB ports where one charging port is located on each side of the bed, giving users even greater charging capability. 

So go ahead, plug your phone directly into the bed for nighttime charging, place it on the nightstand, and drift comfortably to sleep.

10. Quality Adjustable Bed Warranty

Ergomotion provides a warranty on all their adjustable bed models that protect your investment and provide customer support for many years after you buy a base from the brand. No need to worry about what will happen if things stop working after two nights or two years because all you’ll need to do is reach out to Ergomotion directly.

Common Product Questions

What is the best wall hugger, adjustable bed model?

Customer reviews and feedback from our own team of experts tend to agree that there are two clear standouts for the best wall hugging adjustable bed base award.

  1.  Ergomotion Quest 4.0
  2.  Ergomotion Rio 6.0
  3.  Ergomotion Rio 5.0

One fear that circulates the internet is that adjustable bed frames damaged mattresses. And though the claim has some truth to it, it is mostly false. 

An adjustable bed will ruin your mattress if you are not using the correct type of mattress with the adjustable base. Sleeping Organic (and most experts) agree that there are only three mattress types that should ever be used with your adjustable bed: latex mattresses hybrid latex mattresses and in some cases, a memory foam mattress.

How much weight can an adjustable base hold?

You’ll need to reach out to each individual manufacturer to uncover the heaviest weights each bed size can hold, however, most lift capacity is around 850 pounds. 

A lift capacity of 850 pounds means the bed frames are completely operational with up to 850 lbs. on them and will continue to raise and lower the mattress as long as you do not exceed this weight. Don’t forget to include the weight of the mattress in your calculations!

Are memory foam mattresses considered adjustable mattresses?

Like a latex mattress, a memory foam mattress can sometimes be referred to as an adjustable mattress because the material is pliable and flexible. If you press your head or hand into it, it has some give and adjusts to the force being applied. Calling a memory foam mattress an “adjustable mattress” for this reason however is a reach… 

When most people think of adjustable mattresses they think of something like an adjustable air mattress where the user controls the bed’s softness or firmness with wireless remote control. 

Are wall hugging adjustable beds worth it?

Wrapping up with the question on everyone’s mind… 

Is the wall hugger feature worthwhile? 

Should I spend a bit more of my budget on a base that includes this technology?

When you consider how much of an improvement these bases can bring to your life over the alternative adjustable bases on the market without the wall saving features, we say yes (and many happy customers agree) that an adjustable base with a wall hugger is definitely worth adding to your home.