What is a Vegan Latex Mattress + Where Can I Buy One?

vegan latex mattress

Vegan Latex Mattresses

In the United States alone, approximately 8,000,000 people are vegan. That’s just over 3% of America’s society! But what is a vegan, anyway? A vegan is someone who refrains from consuming animal products, whether they be in food, clothing, or household items.

A core point of veganism is the rejection of “animals as a commodity.” So while most folks visualize a strict plant-based diet and lots of veggies when thinking about vegans, the lifestyle actually goes far beyond just “what to eat and what not to eat”. When buying new products, vegans must consider substitutes for products that don’t have many alternatives. And mattresses are one of those products that don’t have a simple vegan option. But if you’re reading this looking for vegan mattresses, than you likely already know this!

Do Vegan Beds Exist?

You may have never considered the fact that conventional mattresses are manufactured with a variety of animal-based products. Even mattresses labeled as natural or 100% natural many times contain products that derive from animals. So, you may be wondering, is it possible to buy a mattress made to be 100% vegan. Fortunately, the answer is yes!

The Sleeping Organic Vegan Latex Mattress

Sleeping Organic has the perfect solution for you if you’re trying to buy a vegan mattress online. Because of the lack of vegan mattress options available, we developed a way to make our personalized mattress even more customizable– we developed a way to make it vegan!

Custom Plant-Based Vegan Cover

If you’ve viewed our latex mattress page, then you’ve read that our zip-off cover is made from organic wool. And while our choice for wool helps make the mattress organic, it doesn’t make it vegan! The solution? A custom cover that’s 100% vegan!

If you want to make your Sleeping Organic latex mattress vegan, just add “please make vegan” in your online order notes or mention it to your Sleep Specialist over the phone. It’s that simple!

Organic Cotton Batting + Natural Rayon Fibers

The cover is made of 100% certified organic cotton and batting, instead of the organic wool fire barrier used on our other latex mattresses. 

100% Natural + Certified Organic Latex Mattress Foam

Our vegan latex mattress is made of a 100% natural latex core, that’s then surrounded by the organic cotton cover/batting. You also have the option of GOLS-certified organic latex in place of the 100% natural latex core!

Is Rubber Vegan?

Latex rubber is made from a rubber tree’s sap and because these trees are plants, latex rubber is vegan. And because Sleeping Organic mattresses can be completely personalized, we guarantee you’ve just found the best vegan mattress for how you sleep available anywhere.

Best Vegan Mattresses, Guaranteed

In sum, all of the materials used in our vegan mattress are plant-based. Period. Our natural latex comes from rubber trees. Our organic cotton comes from cotton plants. 

If you have questions about our vegan mattress or would like to place an order, please give us a call or send over an email. If you prefer to buy your new vegan bed online, then all you have to do is build your mattress as normal and leave a note “please make it vegan” in your notes at checkout!