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Holy Lamb Wooly “Down” Pillow

This is the most malleable pillow we offer. Shape it, hug it, even unstuff it a little if you’d like. We designed this pillow to support you the way you’d like to be supported.

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Meet our most popular & versatile pillow: The Woolly “Down” Bed Pillow.

The tiny wool puffs are similar to down feathers in the sense that you can move the filling around to be any shape you desire. The wool puffs have more substance than down and can take a shape and hold it…until you want it to move it around to a different shape.

This pillow won’t compress as much as regular wool batting pillows tend to do, plus it is easier to wash and care for than our other wool products. Bonus!

We designed this with a zippered cover for added versatility. With it you can easily add more puffs or take some out if it is too thick.

This is a medium-filled pillow. If you like a thicker pillow, we sell bags of additional puffs available in 3 and 6 ounce increments to customers who purchase this pillow or have in the past. Simply unzip & and add it in.


This Product Uses The Following Raw Materials:

Wool Puffs:

These soft puffs offer optimal malleability. All the breathable benefits of wool, plus soft, squishable support that’s similar to a down-feather product. Unlike down, however, these puffs are grown and safely sheared from the sheep year after year.

The Woolly “Down” Pillows are now made with local domestic Northeast Eco-Wool. This means the wool is sourced in the USA and supports small sheep farmers in the Northeast.
The growers adhere to all the same standards as you would for Organic wool as well as for Premium Eco-Wool™ and is certified and tested through Holy Lamb Organics mill.

Made of 100% virgin wool
Sourced from the USA state’s Maryland, Massachusetts, Vermont & New Hampshire

Organic Cotton Sateen Fabric
Our organic cotton sateen has almost a liquid softness it. It’s lightweight (4.5 oz/sq yd), with an approx. 300 thread count.
-Made of 100% certified organic cotton
Grown and woven in India
4.5 oz. of organic cotton in each yard
Milled in the USA

We are committed to using only the highest quality natural materials, sourced as locally as possible.

Product Specifications

Filled with 100% Northeast Eco-Wool puffs
Organic cotton zippered (nylon zipper) cover
Dimensions & Wool Weights:
Standard 20” x 24”, 30-33 oz.
Queen 20” x 29”, 36-39 oz.
King 20” x 35”, 42-45 oz.