Understanding Latex Mattress Terminology – A Comprehensive Guide

latex mattress with adjustable base

Welcome to Our Glossary of Terms for Latex Mattresses and Accessories

A bed setup is seemingly simple; you get in it and go to sleep!  But when you start uncovering your bed layer by layer, you might be confused by what you find.  Sleeping Organic’s Glossary is to help you better understand our mattress terminology so that you can find exactly what you’re looking for!

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Finally, here’s a link to our Quick Reference Topper Guide!

Enjoying learning the mattress terms!


Latex Topper

Latex Layer

Latex Layers

Mattress Encasement/Cover

Latex Mattress Encasement/Cover

Mattress Protector

Latex Mattress Protector

Mattress Pad

Latex Mattress Pad


Topper Cover

Latex Topper Cover

Box Spring

Box Spring

  • A bed base typically consisting of a wooden frame covered in cloth and containing springs.
  •  Do not use box springs, or any base with bowing or give with your Sleeping Organic mattress.

Wood Slat Foundation

Wood Slated Latex Mattress Foundation 

Bed Legs

Bed Legs

Adjustable Base

Adjustable Foundation or Base for Latex Mattresses

  • A mechanical bed frame used with a mattress that allows for varying elevated positions using a remote.
  • Take the place of a foundation / box spring.
  • View the Best Adjustable Beds here!

Platform Bed

Platform Bed for Latex Mattresses 

Bed Frame

Bed Frame

  • Raises your foundation and mattress off the floor.
  • Sleeping Organic does not sell this.
  • If you need one, we recommend Knickenbockers metal frame products.

Pillow Case

Organic Cotton Pillow Cases

Pillow Protector

Organic Cotton Pillow Protector 

Pillow Encasement/Cover

Organic Cotton Pillow Encasement/Cover