Pesticides in the bedroom

Imagine this: You spend months picking out the perfect mattress. You pay a sum that should have been a deposit on a Ford Mustang. And you take your new investment home for your first night of pure bliss.

You wake up the following morning to itchy running eyes, a congested head, a minor wheeze, and you wonder why?

Many mattress components, cotton, wool and latex, are the products of dirty? farming and manufacturing. Sheep are dipped in insecticides and pesticides to repel bugs. Cotton is the textile that is most heavily sprayed with pesticides in the United States. And rubber trees are often sprayed with pesticides too. These raw components, wool, cotton and latex, are sent to the mattress manufacturer covered in harsh chemicals that are designed to kill or otherwise adversely affect living organisms. While these components probably go through a washing process, these types of chemicals are known to leech into textiles and integrate into their fibers. Once the raw materials are compiled, the entire mattress is dipped into more chemicals that are added to meet national flame retardant regulations. These are the ingredients in your mattress.

We spend one third of our life asleep. With so much time spent on our mattress, it is understandable how traces of these pesticides have been found in human blood, breast milk and urine. It is no surprise that you woke up with allergies. Your body is having an allergic reaction to the harsh chemicals and pesticides in your mattress.

Pesticides and other harmful chemicals can both be absorbed into the body as well as inhaled while sleeping. The solution: Buy an organic mattress, with USDA certifications. The raw materials in organic mattresses, latex, cotton and wool, are grown without the use of pesticides or genetically modified materials. They are mostly manufactured without harsh chemicals, in facilities that meet federal regulations. Finally, instead of harmful chemical fire retardants, organic wool is used to meet all fire retardant regulations.

There are no pests in your bedroom (other than your kid?s maybe), so there?s no need for pesticides either. Be careful about harsh chemicals, and conscious about your future mattress investments!