Sleeping Organic – How it all Began…

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Our Mission

To provide an alternative to conventional mattresses by offering products without harmful chemicals that with materials sourced directly from sustainable, renewable resources.

Our Goal

Provide non-toxic bedding products affordable and mainstream in an industry where chemically enhanced materials are common.

The Story

aboutus4With our mission and our goal in mind, the difficult task was then creating a mattress that everyone would love. We had questions that needed answers.

Because we wanted to sleep organically, does that mean that we would have to compromise quality and comfort? With the inundation of mattresses on the market, from horsehair mattresses to innerspring mattresses, we realized that we needed to take the most popular conventional mattresses under a microscope and assess the advantages and disadvantages each.

This product testing enabled us to pick and choose the best qualities and finest raw materials that ultimately built the concept behind Sleeping Organic.

Sleeping Organic’s Research and Study

Over the course of our study, we found two major issues that plague conventional mattresses: durability and harsh, toxic chemicals.

We noticed how innerspring mattress designers started to popularize thicker profile mattresses.

Fifteen-inch pillow-top mattresses, with their excessive fiber filling, started becoming more prevalent, yet there was little done to increase the strength of the coil’s underneath. The spring unit manufacturers were simply stretching out the existing coils, causing them to break down quickly over time, and the extra fiberfill proved to mat down and sag within the first few years.

Sleeping Organic Creates a Long-Lasting Mattress

We found that durability was also an issue with the increasingly popular memory foam mattresses. These memory foam mattresses tend to last longer than traditional coil mattresses but often dip and sag after 3-5 years, depending on the amount of weight being applied, as well as the quality and density of the foam.

The basic fact we uncovered was that the molecular makeup of memory foam doesn’t have a long-life span. We also know that memory foam is made from polyurethane, a petroleum-based material that emits volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other harsh chemicals, which we wanted to eliminate.

In addition to the quick degradation and off-gassing of memory foam mattresses, the chemical makeup has also led many consumers to complain about sleeping hot.

Because of this polyurethane-based product’s cell structure, it is able to retain the body’s heat and cause irritation. The temperature-sensitive material also softens while sleeping, making it very difficult to select the right mattress after laying on it for a short amount of time in a showroom.

Finally, there was another overwhelming negative that both memory foam and spring mattresses share: harsh chemical fire retardants and harmful chemical pesticides. Conventional mattress companies use undisclosed toxic chemical compounds to meet national flame-retardant regulations.

Other major components of conventional mattresses, such as cotton and wool, are notorious for heavy pesticide usage. Studies have found these chemical fire retardants and pesticides heavily concentrated in human blood, breast milk, and urine, and have linked them to many health-related issues.

Building a Latex Mattress Free of Chemicals

aboutus5We quickly came to the realization that we wanted to create a mattress that would last a lifetime and be free of the harmful chemicals that have consumed the conventional mattress market.

However, we also wanted to draw from the health benefits of memory foam mattresses. Our studies showed that memory foam was advantageous for proper spinal alignment and relieving pressure points.

Memory foam also has the benefit of motionless transfer, meaning couples would not be bothered by their significant other tossing and turning at night.

Discovering the Benefits of 100% Natural Latex

Our search for a mattress component that has all of the positive attributes of memory foam without the downsides led us to 100% natural latex.

Not only is 100% natural latex the most durable mattress component on the market, lasting 20 plus years, but it is also breathable and elastic.

100% natural latex molds to the body relieving pressure points and promoting proper spinal alignment, and then regains its natural positioning immediately after pressure is removed.

Latex is also able to isolate motion to prevent disturbances while sleeping, allowing couples to sleep restlessly. Furthermore, 100% natural latex is free of harsh chemical additives and its extraction is sustainable and eco-friendly. 100% natural latex not only met all of our necessary criteria but also impressed us with all of its inherent attributes.

Custom Latex Mattresses

The next step was to make our latex mattresses customizable. We believed that customization would lead to both optimal individual comfort as well as provide some relief for online clients who were unable to test the mattress in a showroom like our mattress store in Charleston, SC.

Here’s a short video on custom latex mattresses.

We found three-inch 100% natural latex layers to be the solution. All of the sudden, our clients were able to build themselves a mattress. They were able to select different densities or firmness levels for each individual layer.

Easy Delivery and Setup

If the initial configuration was not satisfactory, our clients were then able to rotate the layers around to change the feel of the mattress. Not only were our clients able to create themselves a mattress individually suited to meet their needs, but we were able to ship this mattress broken down in individual packaging to make it lighter, more manageable, and more efficient. This customization revolutionized the control a consumer has over their purchase, but also revolutionized the shipping of mattresses.

machine2Positive Feedback from Customers

We were thrilled by all of the positive feedback we received regarding our product, but we wanted to take our company to the next level by improving our services.

We wanted to be able to accommodate all of the what ifs to ease the hesitation and fear that accompany most mattress shoppers. What if I don’t like my mattress?

Or what if I’m stuck with a mattress, I hate for the next 20 years? What if I discover that I’m allergic to latex?

Sleeping Organic’s Warranty and Comfort Exchange Program

To alleviate these concerns, we took another large leap and gave our customers the ability to swap out layers if they were unable to find the perfect combination with their initial layers.

In addition to adding comfort exchanges to our policy as we decided that no one should be forced to spend a third of their life on a mattress that doesn’t meet their needs.

We found the perfect product, introduced the concept, and included the services. The final step was producing a 100% organic cover that passed US-regulated burn tests without the use of flame-retardant chemicals.

Of course, in addition to being without harsh chemicals, we also had to ensure that the cover was comfortable and durable, without distracting from the natural feel of the latex and all of its inherent attributes.

We discovered that wool could be used as a fire barrier that could successfully pass the government-regulated burn tests. We found a local organic wool supplier as well as a local organic cotton supplier, and we intertwined the two and produced the finest organic mattress covers on the market.

In Conclusion

At Sleeping Organic, we believe that we have developed the most durable, comfortable, and non-toxic mattress in the industry today and are proud of the recent development of our latex mattress topper.

We currently do not wholesale our products, which enables us to control the quality of every mattress that leaves our facilities. Because we are factory direct, we are able to offer the best prices for superior organic products with the highest levels of certifications for our materials and fabrics. At Sleeping Organic, we know that sleep is important, as are you. Everyone deserves a clean natural sleep, and no one does Sleeping Organic better than us.